Warriors vs.. Celtics: Watch five NBA Finals, including Stephen Curry, at both ends of the pitch

The 2022 NBA Finals will feature two teams with elite defense. In the regular season, the Boston Celtics Had the best defensive rating of the league, and Golden State Warriors The number behind them. Were in 2. In addition to dominant defense, both teams are very deep and very well trained. There is no shortage of star power in this series. In addition Boston has its own power triumvirate consisting of the Golden State All-Star trio of Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and Diamond Green, Jason Totem, Jaylan Brown and Marcus Smart of the Year.

The series promises to be an entertaining series and the perfect ending to the eventful NBA season. Here are five key matches from the battle between Boston and Golden State.

1. Marcus Smart vs. Steff Curry

He himself writes. Steph Curry is the best defensive player of the year at Marcus Smart, one of the most dangerous offensive weapons the league has ever seen. Since both are point cards, the wise should spend good time suppressing the curry. He will certainly get some help in the form of switches, traps, dual teams, but the main duty will fall to the smart.

When it comes to curry, there is nothing like blocking him, so it will be smartwin’s job to make life harder on the curry and make sure he does not look too clean. It’s easier said than done frankly, but if anyone does the job, it’s definitely clever. How well he can defend the charcoal can go a long way in determining who will win at the end of the series.

2. Jason Tatum against Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins served as Luca Dansick’s primary defender during the Western Conference final against the Mavericks, and in the NBA final he will get another tough job in the form of Jason Tatum. Totem has helped him around, but he’s a key feature of Boston’s offense and his ability to score points is central to Boston’s success.

Like getting smart help with curry, Wiggins will sometimes get help at Totem, but he will have to lift a lot of weight. Wiggins’ length and athletic ability make him the best defender for a player like Tatum, who is long and athletic. It would not be surprising to see Steve Kerr match Wiggins’ minutes with Tottenham minutes, especially if he manages to get some early wins.

3. Steve Kerr Vs. Ime Utoga

The sideline chess match between the head coaches is always one of the most interesting storylines going to the finals, and this season is no different. The experiential difference between Steve Kerr and Ime Utoka is staggering. Kerr is coaching his sixth NBA Final, having played for Golden State for five consecutive years from 2015 to 2019. He has coached 121 playoff games and won 89.

Utoka, on the other hand, is training as a new head coach in his first final, and he has just 16 games of post-season coaching experience under his belt. It will be very interesting to see how that experiential imbalance works during the series and how important it ends up being.

4. Jaylan Brown vs. Clay Thompson

As the opening shooting guards for their respective teams, Jaylan Brown and Clay Thompson will have a good time guarding each other, and their match will be an important one as they both rely heavily on giving their teams a sub-score. Brown is Boston’s second attack option behind Tottenham, and Thomson is filling that role for Golden State alongside reserve guard Jordan Poole.

With a ton of focus on Curry and Tatum, these secondary scorers can play the entire series with good or bad games.

5. Steph Curry vs. Boston Crime

We already know what Steff Curry is going to offer at the end of the attack for Golden State in the final, but he has to bring it to the defensive end as well. Become Brad Podkin of CBS Sports As pointed out in his latest article, The Celtics are going to hunt the curry at the defensive end throughout the series. Whereas the Celtics are not really a weak point to the Warriors defensive end goal, Curry is going to have a pulls on his back during the Boston ball.

Although Curry improved on defensive endings during his career, he is still far from elite, and Boston will exploit it. They would like to isolate great athletes like Tottenham and Brown in Curry, and he will be involved in the task of keeping his own. Also, by constantly going to the charcoal, the Celtics will believe he will be exhausted, so there is less energy to hurt them at the end of the attack. You have to believe that Golden State Curry will do the defensive job.

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