U.S. Capitol Police arrest Stephen Colbert staff in House office building on charges of trespassing

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U.S. Capitol Police arrest a group working with CBS “Late show with Stephen Colbert“Fox News learned on Thursday night that they had entered the U.S. House of Representatives office building illegally.

A group of seven people were arrested Longworth House Office Building According to sources, the group was expelled from the investigation on January 6 due to lack of proper press evidence.

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The same group reappeared after the Capitol complex closed to the public on Thursday night, and two Republican members of the Fox News Congress, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, reportedly took videos and pictures around the R-Khalif offices. And Representative Lauren Bobert, R-Colo.

A senior source in the US House of Representatives told Fox News that seven people had been arrested in connection with Stephen Colbert’s show.

Lawmakers need answers after Stephen Colbert staff arrested in Capitol for trespassing

The group was accused of being unsafe and illegally entering the House office buildings several hours later.

Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Guest Sir Richard Branson on Tuesdays July 13, 2021.
(Photo by Scott Kovalchik / CBS via Getty Images)

“The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” Team January. Fox News claims to have applied for press evidence for the 6th Inquiry, but the House rejected the radio / TV gallery request as they were not considered “news”. The issue did not go to the radio / TV reporters’ association, which usually handles certification.

In addition to the regular Capitol Hill Press Pass, Jan. 6 Committee members who want to be in the room for hearings need a special “above”.

If they had been invited, Colbert’s team members might have been in the House office buildings. Fox News reports that Colbert’s team conducted interviews with committee members earlier on Thursday, January 6, including delegates Adam Schiff and D – Calif. And Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla. They also interviewed Delegates Jack Achinclos and D-Mass.

Jan. When Capitol Police spotted Colbert’s team members in Committee 6 area, they left the school office building.

At times, they were allowed into the Longworth House office building just after 4pm by Achinlose’s aide and remained unattended for several hours. Sources told Fox News that the aide believed the group had many more interviews.

Sources told Fox News that the group wandered unnoticed in the House office buildings for several hours.

The U.S. Capitol Police said in a statement to Fox News that the Longworth House office building received a call for disruption around 8:30 a.m. Thursday. Additional charges may be filed.

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“On June 16, 2022, at about 8:30 pm, the US Capitol Police (USCP) received a call that a disturbance had occurred in the Longworth House office building. Closed, and these individuals were determined to be part of a group that was instructed by the USCP to leave the building on that day, “the statement said. “They were charged with trespassing. This is an ongoing criminal investigation, and further criminal charges may arise after consultation with a U.S. attorney.”

A spokesman for CBS told Fox News that Triumph The Insult comic doc was on U.S. Capitol on Wednesday and Thursday to record interviews for the comedy section on behalf of “The Late Show” and that the interviews were authorized and pre-arranged. Organized with aides to Congress.

A spokesman said members of the production team were staying in the halls for “filming scenes” and other comedic elements while detained.

“On Wednesday, June 15 and Thursday, June 16, Triumph recorded interviews for the comedy section with the production team at The Insult Comic Dog Capital on behalf of ‘The Late Show’. “After leaving the members’ offices during the last interview of the day, the production team filmed scenes of people standing in halls and other final comedy elements while being detained by Capitol police.”

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