The coronation of King Charles III will take place in May 2023


The Coronation of King Charles III Buckingham Palace announced on Tuesday that it will take place on May 6 next year at Westminster Abbey in London.

It will be more of a modern affair than a service Previous royal coronations And “will look to the future,” the palace said in a statement. It added that the occasion is still “rooted in long-standing traditions and parades”.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will conduct the ceremony, which will see Charles crowned alongside his wife, Camilla, the Queen Consort.

During the event, the monarch will be “anointed, blessed and consecrated” by the Archbishop of Canterbury – which has held the most royal coronations since 1066, according to the report.

The palace added: “The ceremony has retained a similar structure for over a thousand years and next year’s coronation is expected to incorporate the same key elements while recognizing the spirit of our times.”

Charles, 73, became Britain’s king following the death of his mother, Elizabeth II, last month.

A few days after her death, Charles duly confirmed as the new monarch of the United Kingdom at a ceremony at St James’s Palace.

However, his coronation is scheduled for next year to allow an appropriate period of time to mourn the former sovereign and plan the ceremony.

The palace has not released specific details about the coronation, but some wonder if the monarch wants to do it. Also included While reflecting on his vision of the future monarchy.

Charles has previously said he sees Britain as a “community of communities” and this understanding has given him an “extra duty” to “protect the diversity of our country”.

Later this year, he is expected to sign a proclamation formally announcing the coronation date at a meeting of the Privy Council, a group of royal advisers.

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