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Moscow has moved to a “long-term, defensive posture” on the front line in Ukraine over the past six weeks, the British Ministry of Defense said. Friday said It said in its daily intelligence update that this could be a sign that Russian forces in Ukraine are “currently only capable of defensive operations”.

Ukraine said Russia had launched several Iranian-made Shahed drones in recent days. President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed that the Air Force would “cut off the wings of all metal monsters” as he addressed a nighttime address standing next to what appeared to be a downed drone. The drones, which Iran has repeatedly refused to supply to Moscow, have been used by Russian forces in Ukraine, most recently in a wave of attacks. Energy facilities of Ukraine.

Here’s the latest news on war and its ripple effects around the world.

4. From our correspondents

Migrant Ukrainians arrived in Zaporizhzhia, often after securing challenging and dangerous flights. Many remain for long periods while waiting for permission to return home. “Zaporizhzhia says we can’t go because we fear for our lives,” one refugee told The Post reporters. “But I’ll sign anything, I’ll run any risk; Let me go back.”

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