PGA Championship 2022 Live: Leadership and Latest Updates Rory McIlroy Rise and Mito Pereira Lead


Mito Pereira will take a three-shot lead on the final day of the PGA Championship in the Southern Hills. Pereira last scored 69 and was ahead of captains Will Saladoris and Matthew Fitzpatrick on the overnight.

However, Rory McIlroy suffered a significant initial setback in his attempt to end his severe drought. After running five straight bars, McIlroy pulled his tee shot into the water for the bar-third-sixth and ran up to the double-bogey five. It was followed by a triple-boogie six and McIlroy dropped another shot on the 18th to finish the day overall overall, despite the flow of birds.

The previous day, Tiger Woods had recorded his worst score at the PGA Championship, which had a huge impact on the Southern Hills in a successful battle. Woods scored 79, his previous worst score in the US PGA in 2011 at 77 in the first round. “I didn’t play well,” Woods said. “I didn’t hit the ball well, I was not at the start I had to start. I hit a good tee shot two and thought it was over in the water, there really was no speed on my side.

It was confirmed at the end of the third day that Woods had withdrawn from the tournament and the 46-year-old would not play in the fourth round.

Follow below all the steps that promise an enigmatic final day:


Papa misses Birdie Pudding

Papa Watson opens three holes after slipping a chance to Birdie Wide in third.

Cameron returns to Young (-4) Young American did not have the desired start.

Michael Jones22 May 2022 19:39


Pereira and Fitzpatrick win

Leader Mito Pereira (-9) threw bombs at his drive at the first SmackBank so he had no signs of nerves from the middle.

The same can be said for Matt Fitzpatrick (-6) hooking his tee shot into the crowd on the left side of the fairway.

Michael Jones22 May 2022 19:37


Young people struggle first

Cameron Young found sand from the tee in the first hole and had to lie down in a reasonable way with his second hole. He could still store evenly, but wanted to be very close to the hole after dipping a wedge in the green.

His boot is not easy, and he may be looking at the first hole boogie.

Will Jalatoris is two green and has the opportunity to bird.

Michael Jones22 May 2022 19:35


McIlroy with another bird chance

Bar-3 Eighth Rory McIlroy finds the right side of the green from the tea and leaves himself with a long pudding for the bird. There will be some shot if it falls.

Papa Watson (-2) gives himself a chance to take the third shot with a great approach to the third green. He leaves himself at a distance of 10-12 feet for a third.

Michael Jones22 May 2022 19:32


Jaladoris and Young Tea Off

The final team of the day will kick off their rounds in the first tee. Will Saladoris (-6) is safe on the fairway, but Cameron Young is a little wider.

He is in hard objects on the left, but seems to have taken his run over the bunker stationed in that area of ​​the hole.

Michael Jones22 May 2022 19:29


McLroy is an inch away from a bird

Oooooooh. Very close to McLroy!

After he smoked his tea on the 7th Fairway, a decent iron left him for the 30-foot bird. He hit it well, it was millimeters from the fall.

A draw in 7th place in the Southern Hills is not a bad score so he will take it but he will be in (-3) and he will not be able to get the shot that fell in 6th.

Michael Jones22 May 2022 19:25


Bad start for Stewart Singh

Stewart Zinc gave his Sunday a bad start as he slipped to 1st boogie and -1 again. Best from his playing partner Justin Thomas, who secured a place in the 2nd with Papa Watson, Tommy Fleetwood and Lucas Herbert.

Luke Baker22 May 2022 19:22


Tommy Fleetwood goes backwards

Tommy Fleetwood is now engaging himself. The Englishman finished 4th, followed by another in 5th place – fifth. At -2 he joins the group.

Meanwhile, Rory McIlroy smokes his tea at Fairway 7.

Luke Baker22 May 2022 19:17


Justin Thomas and Stewart Zink are going

Players who need a good round but still want the job are starting to legally compete with themselves. Justin Thomas and Stewart Zink – both in 2nd, hit their tee shots in 1st place after seven strokes. Fairways detected for both Americans.

Papa Watson sees first place so he is in -2.

Luke Baker22 May 2022 19:11


Boogie for McLroy

His savings around greens are usually the strength of Rory McIlroy’s game, but this time it brings him down. We mentioned his false tee shot par-3 in 6th place, and his chip sub-bar, which is 20 feet parallel to him.

He hit a good boot but it narrowly fell and Rory returned to -3.

Luke Baker22 May 2022 19:08

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