Live Vote Counting: Tracking House Speaker Votes

On Thursday, Representative Kevin McCarthy of California Offered new offers A A group of ultraconservative Republicans They prevented him from getting the majority of votes needed to win the Speakership.

The House is holding its seventh vote to name the Speaker. Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California still doesn’t seem to have the votes needed to win the seat.

A table showing the current tally of recent polls for Speaker of the House.

LiveSeventh Speaker’s vote count

Total to. Representative


201 0 201
Headshot of Representative Donalds


19 0 19
Headshot of Representative Jeffries


212 212 0
1 0 1
1 0 1

Note: To win, a member must receive a majority of votes cast per person, not counting “current” votes. The Constitution specifies that House members elect the Speaker, but the Speaker does not have to be a current or former representative.

If every member of Congress votes for Mr. McCarthy needs 218 votes, so he can only lose four Republican votes. In Wednesday’s fourth, fifth and sixth rounds of voting, the same 20 Republicans voted for Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida, and one voted “now.” All 212 Democrats voted for the minority leader, Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York.

By urging lawmakers unwilling to support him to “abstain” or not vote at all, Mr. McCarthy could win the speakership with fewer than 218 votes.

Table showing summary counts for each ballot of House Speaker votes.

Voting round Headshot of Rep. McCarthy
Headshot of Representative Jeffries
Others Currently
First of all 203 212 19 0
Second 203 212 19 0
Third 202 212 20 0
Fourth 201 212 20 1
the fifth 201 212 20 1
Sixth 201 212 20 1
Seventh 201 212 20 1

Note: To win, a member must receive a majority of votes cast per person, not counting “current” votes.

In the first vote on Tuesday, 19 House Republicans, including Mr. Voted for a Republican other than McCarthy. On the second ballot, the same 19 opposed him but rallied around Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, a founding member of the ultraconservative House Freedom Caucus. Mr. Jordan told his colleagues that Mr. appealed to McCarthy to give their support, but all 19, plus one additional Republican, voted against Mr. McCarthy on the third ballot. Voted for Jordan.

The House reconvened on Wednesday afternoon for a follow-up vote. Members who vote differently than their party’s majority are highlighted.

How each representative voted

A list of each representative’s votes during the round of House Speaker votes.

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