LeBron James reacts to Lakers appointing Darwin Hame as head coach

Sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wozniacki that the Los Angeles Lakers have hired their new head coach, Darwin Ham.

Prior to joining the Lockers, he served as an assistant to current NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks. He has worked under Milwaukee head coach Mike Budenholzer Since 2013, when the couple was with the Atlanta Hawks.

This is not the first time Ham has worked in Los Angeles. He was a lockers assistant from 2011-2013. He finished Los Angeles 33-49 and missed last season, picking up a team that had fallen short of expectations last season. He has been appointed to replace Frank Vogel, who was sacked by the team in April.

Lockers Superstar LeBron James He was one of the first players to welcome his new coach to the team.

Trey YoungHam has a history of being in Atlanta Congratulated him for that role.

“This Major..Congrats de Ham !!!”

Trey Young

For the first time the head coach played eight NBA seasons for six teams and won the championship in 2004 with the Detroit Pistons.

While Ham was in Detroit, he played in four games against James, who was with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Lockers Legend Magic Johnson Expressed his excitement For new additions.

“I’m glad the Lakers have appointed Darwin Hame as coach. Congratulations !!”

Erwin Magic Johnson

Hamin likes some ex-players Bobby Portis And Tone Maker are one of the ones to weigh in on Twitter.

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