Katie Britt wins Alabama Republican Senate primary election

Rich McCormick participates in the June 6 6th congressional district primary election debate in Georgia. (Brian Anderson / Pool / AB)

Rich McCormick, emergency room physician and retired Marine, He will win as a Republican candidate 6th Congress District of Georgia, for CNN projects.

McCormick, who received several votes in the May 24 primary, faced attorney Jake Evans in a runoff for the Metro Atlanta district on Tuesday. Although Evans has benefited from the approval of former President Donald Trump, he has not made much progress in showing his 24% in the primary.

Meanwhile, McCormick received support from others, including House Minority Whip Steve Scalis in the Republican Party, and the PAC’s support for Club for Growth. He was also the leading fundraiser in the industry, bringing in more than $ 3 million, almost double the amount Evans brought in.

Despite the former president’s lack of support, McCormick competed as a MAGA – style conservative.

This is McCormick’s second attempt at Congress. In 2020, he lost a close contest to Democrat Caroline Bordeaux in the neighboring 7th Congress district. After being redesigned according to the census and converting parts of the old 7th District into the new 6th District, McCormick began his quest for a favorable place for the Republican Party. (The current member of the 6th Lok Sabha, Democrat Lucy Macbeth, defeated Bordeaux last month to represent the new Seventh.)

The new district is very Republican, and McCormick has a clear option to win in November.

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