Items owned by Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira found on Amazon | Brazil

Personal items owned by a British journalist Dom Phillips And Brazilian tribal expert Bruno Pereira They were last found in an area of ​​flooded forest near the Amazon River.

Objects Discovered on Saturday Thanks a The small but determined domestic search team has been at the forefront of the hunt for the past seven days For the two missing men, the two overcame the native cause, in different ways.

On Saturday morning, a handful of volunteers from the Matisse aboriginal group suspected that the items may have belonged to missing persons.


A Matis volunteer said they decided to go to a secluded spot on the Itakui River after hearing what they thought was someone crashing into an aluminum boat.

“They realized it, they imagined it and went to the boat [their canoes]Pinin Madis said. “Indigenous people can feel these things like a ghost. [It was like] A wild spirit said, ‘There is something in there.’ Indigenous people think so.

A large group of tribal volunteers – including members of the Brazilian military police and a Guardian correspondent affiliated with local search teams – returned to the scene after 4pm and found objects floating in the dark brown waters of the area. .

Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira Photo: Guardian Composition / Gary Carlton

Upon discovering a blue tarpaulin tied to a tree, it was recognized that it belonged to the Jawari Tribal Association, and searchers found a garment that activists recognized as belonging to Bruno.

“They are Bruno! They are Bruno! Searchers yelled as they explored the item.

Moments later a pair of dark-colored trousers – identified by those who knew Periyar – emerged from the water before disappearing out of sight.

Federal police officers were called in and after arriving Sunday morning, forensic officers stopped the team by sealing the narrow waterway leading to the area.

Forensic officers entered the flooded forest in small boats and confirmed the discovery.

The Sunday evening federal police report said the recovered items included a pair of trousers, a pair of boots and a healthcare card owned by Pereira and clothing owned by Philips and a pair of boots.

A firefighter held a phone with a picture showing the moment a back was found while searching for Indigenous expert Bruno Pereira and British journalist Tom Phillips.
While searching for Indigenous expert Bruno Pereira and British journalist Tom Phillips, a firefighter held up a phone with a picture showing the moment he found a bag and a bag. Photo: Edmer Barros / AB

Indigenous experts and witnesses said the development would not have been possible without the efforts of indigenous search teams searching the forests and rivers of the Jawari area and deep local knowledge.

“They are the Jungle’s Justice League,” said an Army police officer who was involved in the search for the two men, who were returning from a four-day reporting trip when they went missing early Sunday morning.

“We would never have discovered this without their knowledge and without them,” said Fabricio Ferreira Amorim, a tribal conservationist who helped coordinate the search.

Phillips, a longtime Guardian contributor, was in the Jawari area, home to a large number of unrelated tribes in the world, as part of a report he was conducting for a book on the environment.

His Brazilian mother-in-law agreed on Saturday She did not believe the two would return home.

“They are no longer with us,” he wrote on social media. “Their souls are intertwined with the many who gave their lives in protecting the rainforests and indigenous peoples.”

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