Columbia University dropped from No. 2 to No. 18 in the US News College Rankings

Columbia University slipped to No. 18 in this year’s US News & World Report college rankings, from No. 2 last year, and The school recently admitted to misreporting the data to the list.

The Latest ranking The focus in recent months has been on the information submitted to the Ivy League school’s list of the nation’s top colleges, announced Monday. Until then, Colombia had been near the top for years.

Columbia math professor Michael Thaddeus raised concerns earlier this year School reports incorrect data Its class sizes, cost of instruction and number of full-time teachers. In response, the university said it was reviewing its data Information not submitted In this year’s ranking list.

In July, US News & World Report said: Columbia moved on As the school did not respond to queries about its data submissions, last year’s list was no. 2 to “Ungraded”.

The university admitted last week to U.S. News & World Report that it exaggerated figures in two categories: how many of its small classes it has and how many of its faculty have doctorates or advanced degrees in their respective fields.

“We deeply regret the shortcomings in our prior reporting,” university professor Mary Boyce said last week.

The university declined to comment Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Dr. Thaddeus said key questions about Columbia’s data report remain unanswered, including which university officials knew about the practice and how long it lasted.

“An arm’s-length inquiry by an independent body, such as a law firm, should be appointed without delay,” he said in a statement.

US News & World Report’s college rankings are among the most-viewed lists by educators. Top schools often advertise their rankings and use the list to raise funds or attract high-achieving students. Prospective students use the list to compare and choose schools.

Officials of some universities have been caught cheating the ranking system.

Moshe Porat, the former dean of Temple University’s business school, was charged with fraud and sentenced earlier this year. 14 months imprisonment For submitting fake data to boost the school’s MBA rank. Claremont McKenna College admitted in 2012 that it had been reporting false SAT scores for years.

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