Before Hurricane Ian hit the South Carolina coast.

In an update with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis On Friday morning, Florida Division of Emergency Management Director Kevin Guthrie announced the highest death toll from Hurricane Ian.

Polk County has reported one confirmed death, he told reporters.

In hard-hit Charlotte County, 12 deaths have not been confirmed.

In Collier County, there were eight unconfirmed deaths.

Guthrie noted that the state is still working on two other “circumstances,” including one where human remains were found.

He also warned of carbon monoxide problems, although he did not say there were carbon monoxide deaths.

The governor announced that more than $12 million in donations have been raised following the Hurricane Ian disaster.

“It’s beautiful, it’s unbelievable that it happened,” he said, adding that the donations help FEMA “go a little faster.”

FEMA Administrator Dean Criswell said 13 counties in Florida have been designated for individual assistance as recovery and relief efforts continue.

The number of customers reported without power fell below 2 million Friday morning, although DeSantis noted that 99% of Hardy County was without power, as well as 85% of Charlotte and Lee counties.

A water main broke in Lee County, leaving residents without water.

The governor said the situation is a “priority” and the Army Corps of Engineers is working to assess the situation.

Additionally, more than 10,000 residents — out of more than 20,000 contacted by the government — have filled out a shelter survey. “Safe,” he replied.

The government expects more responses on Friday and has a separate website to let family members know you are safe:

DeSantis said more than 1,000 rescuers are up and down the coast, reaching more than 3,000 homes in the hardest-hit areas as rescuers continue to work.

The governor’s office later confirmed to Fox News that at least 700 people had been rescued.

FDOT cleared more than 1,100 miles of roadway, and the governor said traffic was flowing out of the area “better than expected so soon.”

DeSantis noted that 800 bridges have been inspected and reopened, but the Sanibel Bridge will be a rebuilding project.

There were cracks in several parts of the bridge.

Six health care facilities in Southwest Florida were evacuated after prolonged water or power problems.

DeSantis said people are working around the clock to serve their constituents and communities.

“Also, we appreciate the dedication. We appreciate the perseverance. We know there are a lot of tough days ahead, but they have really done a great job for the people of their community,” he concluded.

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