Hull City Council has confirmed, together with the Showman’s Guild, that Hull Fair will not go ahead this year.

Since the announcement in May that the event would be unlikely to take place, the council has continued to work with the Guild to monitor any changes to Covid-19 restrictions made by public health England and central government.

Unfortunately there is still no certainty at the current time that the current regulations with regards to mass gatherings and events will change sufficiently to allow an event of this size to take place.

This, alongside new Covid-19 guidance, including localised lockdowns, mean the decision to not hold Hull Fair 2020 still remains.

The health and safety of those who come together to make Hull Fair happen, including visitors, showmen, staff, officials, partners and contractors remains paramount and until the fair can be held safely, it will not go ahead.

Moving forward, discussions will soon be underway with the multi-agency and public health teams, and the Yorkshire Section of the Showmen’s Guild to look at planning future safe and successful Hull Fairs.

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