Bottomless Brunch

Sharing new experiences is always nice isn’t it, I get complacent in my life with the finer things that a lot of people don’t do, can’t afford or wouldn’t dream of. I get to go to fancy dinners, meet amazing people and share so many food related life events that admittedly I have worked hard for but feel I have gotten quite accustomed to. So it was nice that Ben, my partner came to brunch with me at the Hilton, I often attend these things alone and join other press types there doing the same thing so sitting across the table from the man I adore and actually love was really pleasing to me. Not that he has any idea how I feel having him there. Before we walked in Ben kissed me, I think we was both a little nervous and excited, Ben brought the camera and I of course was the writer.
DoubleTree Hilton Hull Brunch
I love the look of the bar and dining space in the Hilton, it’s really chic and I could easily buy one of those blue velvet sofa’s failing that sit there all day and have a few cheeky drinks and why ever not.
We was seated at the table of our choice and  we was early (it’s in the name.) I had no idea what to expect and all I could think was that Ben looked really happy as he held my hand across the table and I couldn’t wait to see what food would be brought to us.

Onto The Food

A bottomless brunch isn’t something I have done before it’s quite elegant and luxurious in my eyes, I decided to ask Ben if he’d done anything like that before and he hadn’t which of course made it even nicer for the both of us.
The waitress poured us prosecco and we’d decided what we’d like to eat.
DoubleTree Hilton Hull Brunch
A “cold platter” of croissants, several small pastries served with jam and butter. I loved that the croissant was warm and that we’d been offered both tea and coffee. It felt like we’d stayed the night and was having a very fancy breakfast and wasn’t in Hull at all. The cold platter was taken away and just in view a gentleman was holding our hot food.
I like the flow at the Hilton, all the staff are so pristine and immaculate to such a beautiful degree it’s so fresh and reminds me of service in London.
DoubleTree Hilton Hull Brunch
I had the stack and Ben had Eggs benedict, both were equally pretty to look at and both were perfect in size. After all the cold platter was a bounty to share, full of flavour and goodness that is exactly what you want brunch to be.
I adored the little sausages and vine roasted tomato’s, what I enjoyed most was that the stack went on and on. A menu can only say so much about what the plate will bring you. I felt full and I also felt a little tipsy it was really quite decedant that when we’d sipped away our prosecco that they were instantly topped up again. I enjoyed a coffee after the meal whilst Ben kept on with the prosecco, we decided that brunch at the Hilton was a perfect way to start our weekend together and actually something we would be doing again.
I love that Ben’s imagination lets us go wild and he suggested it would be a nice treat for my birthday. I looked around to see what everyone else was doing and saw so many people smiling and enjoying the very thing we was.

A Perfect Place For A Brunch

The Hilton offers such a calm, inviting and less rowdy pace to what is a very busy city. I couldn’t think of a more perfect place or person to be with at brunch than with Ben at the Hilton in Hull having a bottomless brunch!
DoubleTree Hilton Hull Brunch
(Written by Sydell Brigden)