Match Report

After a string of excellent results, resulting in 22 goals in 5 games, Bridlington Town looked to get December off to winning ways.

First Half

Both teams started the game at a high tempo, but the first real opportunity came to Town’s Jackson Jowett. Luckily for the Thackley keeper his shot was tame and didn’t cause any problems.

Thackley found themselves in a great position after outpacing the Town defence. Tom Jackson, Town’s keeper, rushed out to try and stop the oncoming Adam Muller, but his tackle was adjudged by match referee Christopher Keightley to have not taken the ball. Luckily for Jackson, with it being a potential goalscoring opportunity, he was only given a yellow card.

It didn’t take long for Thackley to make their pressure felt. A sharp cross from the right wing was met by James Ngoe who found himself in plenty of space, heading past an undefended Jackson and putting his team into the lead.

Uncharacteristically, Town didn’t make their usual, and immediate, reaction to conceding, but continued to struggle to find a way to get out of their own half. Thackley continued to make their pressure felt and Daniel Broadbent produced a powerful shot which Jackson somehow managed to keep out, and keeping Town in the game.

Town’s best efforts for the half came from top scorer Joe McFadyen, who struggled to get into the game, and his threat was well contained by the Thackley back line.

For the second time in the game Town’s Jackson was left to pick out the ball from the back of the net. After some poor defending from the Town back line Paul Whitley found himself with space in the Town box, his powerful shot left Jackson with no chance.

McFadyen will be kicking himself for missing an absolute sitter of a chance just before the end of the first half. After a cross into the box from Lewis Dennison was missed by the Thackley defence McFadyen had only the keeper to beat from 5 yards. Somehow his header was aimed too low and hit the ground hard, sending the ball bouncing over the top of the bar. The missed opportunity summarised the first half perfectly for the hosts.

Thackley will have gone into the dressing rooms wondering if they had turned up to the wrong game, as Town proved to be no match at all for the visitors.

Second Half

With the rain now hammering down at the Hudgell Solicitors Stadium the 152 fans in attendance would be treated to yet another action-filled 45 minutes. Unfortunately for the home fans the action wasn’t in the opposite end of the field.

Town had a few chances to find their way back into the game, but crosses from Dennison weren’t met and passes went wayward from the whistle. Town didn’t look like a team that had played together before. Some great opportunities were wasted with players not meeting well placed passes, and losing focus and finding themselves offside. No matter what they tried it just didn’t work out.

Thackley continued to make their attacking power felt, with a front three all looking to get their name on the score sheet.

On the 53rd minute Daniel Broadbent made Town’s afternoon even worse. Making space for himself at the edge of the box he fired an unstoppable shot perfectly into the top right corner of the goal. At this point it was hard to tell if Town were just having a poor game, or if Thackley were having a dream game where everything fell perfectly for them. A combination of the two may well have been the case, with the game comfortably in Thackley hands.

NCEL Premier Division Manager of the Month Brett Agnew made his first changes of the game, with a double substitution. Nathan Modest was the first to leave the pitch. His usual high paced game just wasn’t working against a solid, and pacey, Thackley defence. The second player to go off was Jackson Jowett, who struggled to get into the game. The two town players to come on were last season’s top scorer Jake Day and the ever-reliable Chris Adams.

With the game already 3-0 it may have been a matter of too little too late for Town. If the score had remained 2-0 then perhaps there would have been a more realistic target, considering the goalscoring abilities of the squad. The substitutions made little impact to the scoreline, but until the end of the game the team looked much like their old selves.

With Town looking more involved in the game the only hope now was to at least salvage a goal from the game, with the top of the league being so close that goal difference could change everything come the end of the season.

Sadly for Town the ship had already sailed, sank, and been salvaged. On the 83rd minute Jordan Hines ended any dwindling hopes any of the Seasiders Faithful may have had. His shot was taken well and again left Jackson with no chance in the Town goal.

Full Time and Thoughts

With both teams leaving the pitch the question on everyone’s (not from the visiting supporters) minds was “what went wrong?”. Fingers will undoubtedly be pointed at individual performances, but for some reason the team just couldn’t find a way into the game. Much of the credit has to go to the Thackley team who gave Town no chances, and snuffed out any opportunities for Town to get back into the game.

Hopefully Agnew can get his side back into winning ways ahead of next Saturday’s trip to Eccleshill United.

Today’s match sponsors (Bridlington Shell Fish Company) summed up the performance by giving today’s Man of the Match award to Thackley’s Daniel Broadbent. If we were to pick a Man of the Match for Town it would be Tom Jackson. Without his contributions to the game Town could have been at the receiving end of a 10-0 thrashing.

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