Organised Crime Gang Jailed

Today Liam Windas and four members of his criminal gang were jailed for a total of  52-and-a-half years for drugs and firearms offences.

From addresses across west Hull, the group dealt in guns, heroin and cannabis worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Liam Windas

Liam Windas, 27, of Rosedale Grove, Hull, admitted conspiracy to supply firearms, conspiracy to supply heroin, money laundering and possession with intent to supply cannabis.

He was also found guilty of conspiracy to supply cannabis and conspiracy to supply heroin.

Jailed for 24 years

Zia Malik

Zia Malik, 29, formerly of HMP Hull, was convicted of conspiracy to supply firearms and possession of a mobile phone whilst in prison.

Jailed for 11 years

Asphand Malik

Asphand Malik, 21, of Park Grove, Hull, was convicted of conspiracy to supply firearms

Jailed for six years

Billy Joe Wilkinson

Billy Joe Wilkinson, 22, of Redbourne Street, Hull, admitted conspiracy to supply Class A drugs

Jailed for five-and-a-half years

Spencer Moodie

Spencer Moodie, 33, of Queens Road, Hull, admitted conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

Jailed for six years

“A Complex Investigation”

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Kelk said:

This has been a complex investigation, over a long period of time, which dealt with very serious offences.

We know the impact that the actions of this group had on the wider community and by securing these sentences, we hope that we will make a huge difference to their lives.

The diligence and determination of the officers in our Serious and Organised Crime Unit has prevented firearms getting into the hands of criminals and stopped Class A drugs from getting onto our city’s streets.

We hope the outcome of this case will reassure the public that even when they cannot see us, we are there behind the scenes, working tirelessly to bring serious criminals to justice.

It should also serve as a warning to those who look to bring drugs and weapons into this area that we will find you and you won’t get away with it.

Judge Jeremy Richardson said:

All the officers deserve the thanks and praise of all the citizens of the city of Hull and its environs. A major criminal operation was thwarted by, frankly, first-class policing.

I want those observations called to the attention of the chief constable.