HEY Hull RetCam Appeal

We wrote back in November about Evie and her family raising money for a special camera to help diagnose eye problems in children.

We’ve received news that the DM Thomas Foundation for Young People had made a substantial grant towards making the dream a reality!

£10,000 Grant

DM Thomas Foundation for Young People has awarded a grant of £10,000 to WISHH Charity for a RetCam3 camera at Hull & East Yorkshire Eye Hospital to help diagnose and treat children with eye conditions and visual impairments.

DM Thomas Foundation for Young People is committed to transforming the lives of sick, disabled and disadvantaged young people in communities across the UK. By providing specialist equipment and facilities, important training and support, and vital care, the Foundation is improving the education, health and wellbeing for young people to achieve their full potential.

WISHH Charity raises money for facilities, services and equipment at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals and is supporting the Hey Hull RetCam Appeal.


The RetCam3 camera will provide high-definition imaging of a patient’s eye which can be used to diagnose and establish the most effective treatments for children with eye conditions and visual impairments to help prevent or limit eyesight loss or blindness. The new camera will help children in Hull including five-year-old Evie, who has Juvenile Xantho Granuloma, a very rare disease which has resulted in blindness in one of Evie’s eyes and failing vision in the other.

As Hull & East Yorkshire Eye Hospital does not currently have a RetCam, Evie has to travel to Birmingham for regular imaging which determines her treatment and its effectiveness. Evie’s experience inspired her grandfather, Barry Thompson to set up and lead the Hey Hull RetCam Appeal so other children in Hull do not have to travel to Birmingham, Oxford or London which can delay diagnosis and treatment and potentially lead to adverse outcomes. The RetCam supported by the Foundation grant will both improve care and treatment for children and also reduce unnecessary stress and expense for families.

Evie Hull RetCam3 Fundraising

Helping Children Fulfil Their Potential

Simon Sheehan, Director of DM Thomas Foundation for Young People said,

As a Foundation committed to improving the health of young people in our communities, providing children with access to the best care and treatment at their local hospital is hugely important. The RetCam will help save the sight of more children and improve eye health so children are able to fulfil their potential.

Barry Thompson, campaign lead for the Hey Hull RetCam Appeal:

This is the largest single donation we have received and makes a big difference to our total. Of equal significance to us is the confidence boost it gives us through the fact that a small local, family team can compete against professional national charities and be successful.

A spokesperson for the WISHH Charity said:

We welcome the very generous support the RetCam Appeal has received from its many local supporters and more recently some national organisations and charities. Such support will hopefully continue and result in the Appeal’s target being achieved at an early date, benefitting the children who need its facilities.