Humble Bean-ginnings

I first heard of Bean & Nothingness through Facebook it was a dream of Rich’s after he’d set up a page on Facebook. I’ve been virtual friends with Rich for some time now and various interests made me join One Hull Of A City.

Rich’s brother joked about him opening a cafe and would he like to. Of course Rich said yes and once City Of Culture was over the plans started to roll out it was based on “Weird Retro”, the URL for One Of A City. Rich played with names and loved “People’s Republic” which is down Newland Ave and came up with “Bean and Nothingness”.

There are some quirks like wanting to serve only black coffee and serving v60 with a physical chat. To the unknowing, like myself, a v60 is a slow hand brew old coffee concept. I like that, a coffee brewing whilst having a good talk.

Growing Popularity

It’s great to hear the like of Burnsy a local hero mentioning the cafe. He’s actually a sweetheart and upmost he’s the voice of Radio Humberside and the reason most of us tune in locally. So a great heart warming plug that is well deserved and we all know our Burnsy wouldn’t talk about something if he didn’t like it.

That and the likes of BBC’s Peter Levy whose shoes cast an odd and quirky feature. Apparently no one wanted them and Peter often pops in to say hello!

It’s all about the roots, community and ownership and not platitude says Rich… If you heard the voice recordings you’d hear me do a ummm and hummm because I liked that statement it’s a solid basis for the ethos and love the cafe stands for.

One Hull of a City

The page One Hull Of A city has been running for over three years with almost thirty thousand dedicated followers it’s a reflection of our diverse city and is a mixture of many ages, ethnicities and groups. You can’t separate the two, they are part of the same thing.

Bean and Nothingness is an independent on a high street that many think it dead and has lost it’s appeal, actually after sitting in the cafe and watching (which is the reason many of us pop out for a coffee) I can tell you even in it’s early stages that’s some old cliche is nonsense. A real mixture if people came through the doors from work men, couples elderly and young and mums with kids. There’s plenty of food to choose from and I was really happy to see they’ve invested in a really good coffee machine and have River City Coffee on board. Those guys know what they are doing and are by far my fave coffee guys in Hull producing fine blends throughout the city and being sold in the best establishments.

The building is vast and it’s an unusual location, or so it seems. I mean it’s a high street so really it shouldn’t seem odd. The area is making a total revival. Trinity Market has had better days and is definitely moving upwards, the street food nights bring in thousands and let’s not forget the old town which has always been and will be full of history, folk will always head for a bit of what’s good for them.

Bean and Nothingness Hull Whitefriargate

More Than Just A Cuppa

Either side of Freedom the cafe will hosted events including music. Rich hopes he’ll start a trend and bring back the beat to the city with some much loved opening of empty units. He is one of the most honest and open guys you’ll meet, he’ll tell you how it is. So welcome to Hull and what we are about! But let’s not forget Hull is also a warm and caring city that wants to thrive and integrate. We prosper in the eye of defeat… we fight for what we believe in and Bean and Nothingness is proof we can and will deliver our dreams.

I will admit I was curious and wondered if the cafe and space could bring people in only because recently I have spent way too much time in the inner bubble of HU5 and believe me it’s very very easy to not leave the hub and home where everyone knows your name. Nah, it’s not “Cheers”, it’s real life ain’t nothing better than HU5 it’s the best place in the city and I am not ashamed to say that.

However being who I am I messaged Rich and headed down for my once a week venture into Hull. People was sat talking and smiling, drinking coffee, children were laughing and playing, and a mum was sat content talking about showing her kids the cafe via Facebook and they wanted to come in.

Now that’s power and that’s community, we haven’t lost it, it’s just been a sleep a while. I really think the cafe has a great potential to be a hub and a place for growth and development. There’s something of a hive about it, spaces upstairs will soon be ready for classes, art and music the cafe itself boasts what the city is becoming which is a recognition for street art. We all know Bankside is now the new place for art and freedom of expression and the cafe has a great slice of that. Some will stay and some will rotate, change and renew. A very plausible and interesting concept that gives every one time and exposure.

The Best Hull Has To Offer

Bringing you the best of Hull and what it has to offer, if you look up above the initial ground floor there are rooms, rooms and spaces which will be let and used, for making and creating. Guiding with his background and education is a sure fire sign of prosperity objectively.

I like Rich, I like what he stands for don’t read into those words it’s not a crush, it’s an admiration. I have that for so many people in the city were all rising and I can feel it grow and grow every day people with dreams making it all real all around me. Every day I see my social media full of accomplishments and it makes me proud of Hull and the people doing it.

This is the start of a cafe revolution, the fact One Hull Of A City and Bean & Nothingness are linked is nothing short of genius!

Article by Sydell Brigden