Sesh is the festival that makes Hull Hull, we shine!

Sesh was founded by Mark Page lovingly known as Mak, an astounding musical figure in Hull. Mark is the epitome of the Hull scene, not only is Mak beaming in face he is beaming in soul. You got it; he’s the whole deal, likable, admirable and substantially relevant to not only music but festivals.

Sesh or to the unknown Humber Street Sesh it’s deep in years ‘Ull (slang for Hull) folk can’t get enough and I suspect many people who attended the festival this year weren’t from Hull.

I’m in my fourth year of working it either as media or a photographer and thankfully so, this isn’t about me this is about my city and the people I love.

Times suited Sesh well, it’s grown and with grace and less grit, it’s learnt, loved and brought Hull’s tribe some incredible sets and stages. Tribe is a solid and relatable term for the people of Hull, if you’ve not visited us you should we’re a pack with out own lingo.

Hull’s Finest Festival

Sesh bring you delights like Anna Bean who’s both captivating and wildly imaginative at the same time. I am of course a loyal and dedicated fan so I am biased, she bold and colourful whilst remaining loyal to her art and style. Dedication is a drug which needs to be admired and nurtured although I suspect that Anna doesn’t need any encouragement she’s surrounded by her dedicated followers of Beany Art.

Anyway back to why we’re all here, Hull’s roots run deep and the area Sesh is run and played on is historical it’s were all out families worked at some point and the city is packed with history and diversity which Sesh shows in the blodest and most beautiful light. Stages for every taste and food to match it. After all festivals are equal measures music, beer and food and we all need toilets. I am sure all factors are bones of contention.

The festival moved shapes this year, it’s held around a marina and both sides were brought together for the first time this year. One sides old school and full of buildings ‘Ull folk love and cherish parts are being rebuilt on Humber Street whilst the other side is very very new. Also this year the festival held it’s first two day music bender, for a muso this is a dream for a girl like me. That’s right a girl, I feel like that when something takes me back to happy feelings which music does. One second of a song can take you back to sitting in your shell suit and listening to Madonna, I’m born ’78 so bare with me.


Friday night was like sneaking into a room when you’re meant to be in bed, nervous, excited and tip toeing into the unknown. We’ve never had it so good trust me NEVER. I was there with a magazines so had a pass to walk past the huge queue that descended down the whole side of the marina.

It was bloody gripping, stalls, stands and food trucks. The main stage was there Funkywormhole was blasting it out but us lot from the magazine was heading to the big top for the Bowie tribute/Mick Ronson Hull’s own star. Rupert and co brought a tearful and heartfelt tribute to us all, spellbound and evoking the music flowed, dancing happened and we all gathered pace to the end where we all dropped in silence with a harmonic goosebump. Walking away from that stage was the start of two days of what was both carnage and pleasure.

Carnage because us ‘Ull people party like no one else, you say you do but ain’t nothing like us and pleasure because it’s a euphoric festival.

Mak brings us an array of indulgences like a table with many dishes, textures and colours, napkins, glasses and plates. Fundamentally Sesh is a great representation of who we are, what we are and a platform to pour out all the good, bold and beautiful.

Friday was a great start and warm up, I had to leave earlier than I wanted due to being there the whole of Saturday and Funkyworkhole was blasting out some proper huge beats. I was thinking shit I want to stay.


Saturday came and I went to find my pass and there was a tent for all us working the festival, a little get away because let’s be honest if you work a festival no matter how much you love people and music you need time out. This was like heaven, all be it I didn’t want to talk I just wanted to sit alone and be quiet to think through my next move.

I walked around and took in what was what, primarily my stage was my focus and I didn’t want to divert from it. My mind had to be solely on Scott and his people, his audience and make it count. Look I have to be honest I was super nervous about only having one stage, there’d been some changes and we as photographers all felt it. I quickly forgot that though it started off like any party slow and then the crowds filled the pier. A whole pier for the stage and tent.

Time rolled on and the tent was rammed, there was no room left.

Twenty minutes sets were with respect a very good idea each dj playing their own feel, vibe and reactions were wild and full of hyped energy. If you’ve never been on a stage with dj’s playing a crowd that can’t get enough you’ve never lived, I know I am privileged and to some people bourgeois but it’s very real and a feeling not unlike a drug. I felt very proud to be allowed there!

Sesh was a triumph for 2018, it remains at it’s peak and it can only get better.

Many thanks to Mak who let me into his world and believed in me, I owe you the gratitude and thanks. Much Love!


Article written by Sydell Brigden