Hull Truck is a great location for such a film, a dedication and a homage to someone so profoundly beautiful.

I was in London and Paris around the time it all kicked off for Lee, I remember the hype and I remember the buzz. Thankfully I got to some shows and met some amazing people. I always felt some part of me drawn to him, I’d hear his name, see his image and wonder what he was about. I loved that he said:

If you want to know me look at my clothes

I couldn’t bring myself to watch the trailer for the film tonight it just wouldn’t have been right. I wanted to go in with not knowing what would happen, until the end where I knew we’d all have a heavy heart. His life was precious to so many people even a little crowd in Hull would be flooding the room and waiting with baited breath.

The Usual Suspects

All the usual suspects was there, familiar faces of friend and foe was all entered quietly. We all knew we was about to see something remarkable that would leave a scar, a wound of sorts that will stay with us forever. Just like the man himself, even if you are not lucky enough to own anything Gucci, Givenchy, Red Or Dead or MCQUEEN you know him, you feel him and we that adore him wanted to be part of him and his tribe.

The film is poignant and full of truths that will never disappear, realities that will always exist and grieving that last forever in all out hearts.

Lee started out small so much so he even hid himself from the press because he was claiming dole, dole he spent on fabric! Knowing everyone and anyone in London and people fell over themselves to work for him, with him and as the film says they paid to work for him, which met a rapturous laugh among Hull’s crowd at Hull Truck.

There was something about the reel that made you feel like you was in a room on your own watching it, like the whole room was empty and no one else was feeling what you was. Exclusive, divine, self indulgently, velvety and like you was in the room at every moment with him.

Lee turned the fashion world on it’s head, he’d got the girls, Givenchy wanted him, Gucci wanted him as did the whole world. He just seemed so different and he claimed he wanted people to hate what he did, he just didn’t give a damn and I admire that.

McQueen’s Motto

I live by that motto; “don’t like me well I’m losing no sleep. Hate me, you don’t know me you just think you do”. I prefer to be honest, be real and let people know the line. You don’t have to accept me, you don’t even have to pretend to like me.

McQueen did what he had to to get to where he was, the film goes through all the motions and I am sure showed more than anyone fashionista or not would expect.

I’m not what you’d say is an eclectic fashionista I do collect though, I have many styles, many couture jackets, dresses and bags I buy wise, I invest and I sell but we can all learn from the great’s like Lee. The film indulges us in backstage, runway and home life. What moved me most was hearing his voice, seeing the younger Lee the maybe manic and enduring moments of relentless work he couldn’t stop. I admire the passion, the constant cycle and darkness… Yes the darkness, it drove him to create to go to depths that he only get to with the darkness but sadly it won and it took him.

The film moves through phases and runs well, it explains his movement throughout the industry that eventually ate him up. Admittedly there was a factor he couldn’t get past and it descended into more events that ended his life.

Would like to go on and on about the film and tell you everything but I think with all honesty you should watch it yourself and I should save my words because it’s a journey we all should take and let it be individual to you, your thoughts and your feelings.

Review by Sydell Brigden