Bonus Arena Hull

After finally getting the opportunity to look around the upcoming Bonus Arena Hull (formally known as Hull Venue) there’s so much to say, but it’s hard to find the words to describe it. It’s certainly not like me to be speechless, but it really has left me struggling, and in the best of ways. A huge thank you to Paul Savage, Head of Entertainment Sales & Marketing for the venue, for showing me around and sharing his excitement, and of course for giving me more insight into how the venue works. I really did learn a lot in such a short time!

A Narnia Venue

The best way to describe the arena is by comparing it to Narnia. From the outside it looks like any other, generic, venue. However it’s only when you get inside you truly realise the scale of the place. From the main entrances, to the placement of the toilets, the bar, the merchandise area, everything has been thoroughly planned to give the best experience possible for everyone. No space has been wasted, but without making the venue feel claustrophobic in any way.

Bonus Arena Hull Stage
A view from the stage, where the likes of Van Morrison, Boy George, Rick Astley, and The Vamps will entertain thousands!

The Bonus Arena Hull has been designed to be a memorable experience, and of course for you to want to come back again and again!

Attention To Detail

The attention to detail around the venue is astounding. From something as little as having wide corridors for the way out, every part of the experience has been carefully considered.

An excellent, but bizzare, example would be the toilets. The toilets, of all things, are quite simply brilliant design. Due to the modular design, the toilets can be configured depending on the audience. For example if the venue sells 80% of tickets to men and 20% to women for a show they can make the gents toilets larger to accommodate. Having to wait around between acts for the loo should never be a problem here, which gives you much more time to relax, or grab a drink from the bar.

There are plenty of bars situated around each section of the venue. It felt like at almost every turn there was a place to get refreshed! Another problem with most venues is limited bars and long queues to get a simple drink or snack. This was, again, something that was important in the design of the building. My hat goes off to the team at AFL for their great work!

Attractive Venue For All

Not only is the venue designed to be as attractive to customers, the place has been designed to make it appeal to the stars themselves. Stars will be able to relax before and after the show in comfortable rooms that were designed to give them home comforts away from home, such as flat screen TVs (with connectors for pretty much any device, if you can see Van Morrison popping out his PS4 of course).

The venue was also designed to make the lives of the many supporting crews much easier. From the loading bay that connects directly behind the stage, to the ample parking for vans, it’s a detail that most will not notice, or need to know, but it’s one of the many things that will hopefully help attract big names to the city.

An Intimate Arena

Until you experience it for yourself it’s difficult to explain. Even though you’re in a large room it feels like you’re in an intimate event. Though there’ll be thousands of others you’ll always feel close up and involved in the event. That doesn’t mean you’ll feel claustrophobic, either. The seats are both comfortable and spacious. Even at over 6 foot there’s no way I’m blocking anyone’s view, or banging my legs into the seat in front.

Bonus Arena Hull Seating
No matter where you sit (or stand) you’ll get great views and feel part of the experience, not apart from it.

The upcoming open days at the venue are the ideal time to see for yourself just what it feels like. Why don’t you book your place, the best part is it’s free!

More Announcements To Come

Though there was a little negativity to the initial announcements for the venue, some complaining the acts announced weren’t that great, bigger things keep being announced. Paul did his best to explain why this was the case. What it boils down to is that promoters want announcements to only be made at certain times.

Bonus Arena Hull Box Office
It’s not long until the Box Office opens!

The venue has many announcements it would love to share with everyone, but it isn’t allowed to make. Some of the upcoming announcements may come as a surprise (the best kind, of course) and, like The Vamps (for example), they are acts you’d normally have to travel at least as far as Leeds or Manchester to see. That is, until now.

Because of the flexibility of the venue it can host all different kinds of events; it’s not limited to just music. There’s the ability to host other events, such as comedians, boxing, snooker, wrestling, exhibitions, even wedding fairs. It’s the flexibility which makes the Bonus Arena stand out from the crowd.

Some announcements need to be kept under wraps for simple reasons such as album release dates, or announcing the entire tour, so if the venue were to announce it then it would ruin the surprise for everywhere else.

Please be patient with the upcoming announcements, they really will be worth the wait!