Fudge To Close

Sadly our local long-standing Fudge is closing, Sunday will be Fudge’s last day of Trade and I personally would like to with Rosie and co all the best, staff and customers alike.

Rosie brought Fudge to Princes Ave back in the day and has muddled through some rough and some smooth. Catering is fraught, pleasurable and Fudge was existentially a part of the avenue and has been for many years. However times change, people do and do trends within the industry.

Simple Beginnings

I have visited Fudge from day dot, my boy was a tiny baby and I’d just come back from London after working for Sir Terrance Conran as a Chef de Partie (a line cook to the more recent times) at the famous Quaglino’s, Bury Street a very well thought of location and I cooked for many famous people and got to taste, cook and eat food many could only dream of. I walked down from my place on the Marina, baby in pram and had many many lovely afternoons buying flowers from Holyhocks, going to Pearson Park and dining at Fudge. Fudge was like a little part of London that I could hold onto and enjoy that’s what my beloved HU5 is all about, it’s a synonyms location for art, music, food and all of the city descends on us to indulge because where else in the city would you want to be? I am not ashamed to brag that I live in the best part of the city. Our high street has everything and it’s like a bubble of happiness for many of us. Drifting into Hull feels like I need my passport at the best of times, sadly.

Fudge Hull
Fudge, one of the great cafes on Princes Avenue, is set to close.

Talented Staff

Fudge has staff of many talents work for them, John who’s Hull’s leading chocolatier residing on Humber Street going from strength to strength and surpasses anything I have tasted for a very long time. Roxy of Flour and Feast an amazingly talented woman, with a heart of gold who’s flourishing in creativity with an array of outstanding and beautiful cakes. Roxy was brave and moved to London to pursue her dreams (not unlike myself, which feels like a right of passage for many of us women) and we’ve spent many hours talking about London and food, too many to mention and consumed a lot of teas and coffees in the process of daydreaming about our fave spots. Then there is Ellie who recently wrote and had a play in Hull Truck Theatre to name a few. I only joined #teamfudge back last September after spending a couple of years with the Goulbourne’s who I have known since I was a child and before that The Hull Pie. I am in the thick of HU5 with a vengeance and feel that all three are in the veins of it all.

A Sad Goodbye

It’s sad to say goodbye to Fudge, every time a job came up I always enquired and the only reason I didn’t work for them sooner was the hours didn’t match what I needed. I was doing some work with Ambiente of Humber Street at the time owned by the most lovely of men Tim and up popped the chance to work with Fudge. Admittedly I was lounging on the beach in the South Of France, bathing, surfing and eating whilst touring the coast of the Basque country and spending time with my friends out there and connections in the food world I have made over the many years of going out there. The lures of no more nights, double shifts and working back on my doorstep merely a bike ride away in the sunniest spot of HU5 was something I could not pass up. I am not just an aesthetic foodie I am a traveller and indulge in many amazing meals, go to some prestigious locations and get to dine and meet some amazing chefs as well as calling them my friends and comrades food is what I know and love.

I remember working at a deli in Hedon called Taste owned by a lady called Joy. Joy was the most encouraging and exciting foodie I knew at the time and we had a mutual love for Fudge and likened it to Selfridges food hall brimming with goodies and I have to add Joy and Taste really did bring something unique to the East Riding for quite some time.

Great Memories

The memories will remain, my first date with my fiance after a “date” at Artlink confirmed a relationship that’s being long lasting and evokes some great times in my life to this date.

It’s a sad good bye Fudge, many enjoyed you, many loved you and may your warm thoughts remain in all of us and a bright hello to my future at the new venture taking over, and that’s where this end’s with a fond farewell and shiny new beginning.

Article written by Sydell Brigden