Negative Zombies

Does Hull have a problem with Negative Zombies? We spent 30 minutes looking at just a handful of the great things Hull has to offer in the city centre.

We all know there’s a homelessness problem in Hull. Unfortunately Hull City Council are throwing millions at the problem in the wrong way, a way which is funding lifestyles for “poverty pimps”. The only way to change this is by voting people in that have a clue on how to reduce the homelessness problem. Sadly it’s almost impossible to end homelessness entirely, but voting the right people in is the first step.

So instead of focussing on the (few) negatives that Hull has, we’re looking at just some of the great things Hull City Centre has (and all within walking distance!).

Princes Quay

Princes Quay Hull
Princes Quay has served millions of customers since 1991.

What other city can boast a shopping centre on stilts on top of an old dock? After a recent multi-million refurbishment the centre has attracted some big names and is looking its best in many years. If shopping isn’t your thing there’s a great cinema at the top too. Want to claim bragging rights? Take on your friends in Quaser (anyone else remember Lazer Quest in Fun Junction?).

There’s plenty of parking available, and at a decent price, right in the city centre too!


After the new paving has finally been laid, why not take a walk down Whitefriargate? There’s plenty of great shops, including lunch-time havens such as Crawshaws, Cooplands, and The Friary. At each end there’s some great pubs too, what’s not to like?

Hull Venue

Hull Venue
Hull Venue is set to open this Summer!

With some great announcements made recently, Hull Venue‘s schedule is hotting up ahead of its opening this Summer! The 3,500 capacity venue is yet another great reason to visit the City Centre!

St Stephens

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to eat, drink, shop, or watch a film, there’s no shortage of places to visit in St Stephens shopping centre. Fancy a cheeky Nando’s? Need to do your weekly shop? Or just want to sit and relax with a coffee? St Stephens has got you covered.

The List Goes On

There’s just so many great things in Hull City Centre. From the quirky to the unexpected. Here’s just a short list of other great things to do and see in the city:

  • Museums – Hull has some great museums that cater for all tastes. The Streetlife Museum is a must for anyone with kids. Want to learn about one of the city’s greatest men? Why not pop by his house and learn all about him!
  • The Deep – what can be said that hasn’t already about The Deep? It’s an excellent place to visit for the entire family. There’s plenty of parking, and it’s only a few minutes walk from the city centre!
  • The World’s Smallest Window – Head down towards the Land of Green Ginger and have a look through the “world’s smallest window” on The George Hotel.
  • Bob Carver’s – The Marmite of Hull. A favourite for many lovers of patties. Some prefer other chippies, but Carver’s has been a mainstay in the city for years.

So What Can Be Done With The Zombies?

The only way to cure the infection of Negative Zombies is by showing them the brighter side of Hull. Nobody will claim the city is perfect. Nobody is denying there’s a problem with homelessness and drugs, but the constant churning of stories about the minor negative parts is infectious.

If you stop looking at the negatives the city is a great place to live, learn, and even spend your lunch hour!

(A big thanks to Weird Retro for some ideas for great things!)