Next Steps

As we previously announced, our intention is to change Hull.Today into something that will benefit the community. We are committed to being open and transparent with our work. That’s why we’re going to go into a bit more detail about our plans and aims.

First Step

We are in the process of registering Hull Today as a CIC (Community Interest Company). As part of this we are also drawing up plans for how funding will be raised, spent, and distributed.

Hopefully this process shouldn’t take too long, and we’re also hoping there will be no hiccups on the way.

Our Plans In Detail

As we said, we want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to all of our work. This includes what our actual aims are. We briefly went over the aims in our previous post, but feel it best to go into more detail.

Work Experience

We hope to be able to bring in volunteers to give them valuable real-world experience. Voluntary experience not only gives you the skills you need, but also helps make your CV stand out from the crowd of applicants. With a large number of roles within the business there’s something for almost everyone. For example, we have the following positions:

  • Journalist/Writer – Creating and sharing content either from scratch or from press releases. Great for people wishing to go into journalism or writing in general.
  • Editing – We see our editors as proof-readers, who tweak and polish articles.
  • Photographers – Photography is an important part of any newspaper/website.
  • Administration – No movie is complete without a director. Our administrators will help everything keep running smoothly.
  • Graphic Designers – With our plans for a physical weekly edition we will need people to help put this together!
  • Social Media – As our biggest source of traffic, Social Media is vital for us to get news to readers!

Being a very small newspaper currently there’s a lot of fluidity between roles. One day you could be out taking photographs, the next you could be editing a cornerstone article!



Naturally we need to at least have money coming in. We hope to be able to offer similar advertising packages as before, tailored around the customer’s budget.

We plan on keeping costs minimal. Funds will only be spent on vital things such as office space, internet, equipment (unless any company have old equipment they can donate of course). We have plans for any profits made.

To further help the community, any charities and community groups can apply for a profit-share. The best way to explain this is with an example:

Random United, an under 12 sports team, are in need of a new kit. They need £250. They contact us and tell us what they need. That month, and until their target is reached, they will get an equal share of any profit (along with any other currently not fully funded projects) until they are funded.

The only exception to the “equal share” rule is when there’s an urgent issue, which would take priority.

What’s Next?

We’re desperate to find volunteers. Whether you want to write the news or just want to help bring high-quality news to Hull and East Yorkshire please do get in touch.

Unfortunately the key to getting this moving forward is having somewhere to work from. At the moment we have a very limited budget. We have been given prices of around £300-400 per month for office space which would be ideal for what we need.

As normal, we will keep you updated as and when more details are available!