On the 1st of March 2017, Hull.Today launched as an alternative to the mainstream local news outlets. We started with one goal in mind: bringing local news to the region.

Since then we have grown in readership in ways we could not have imagined. Our first month we had around 400 individual readers. Now we get around 2,000-8,000 unique visitors per day!

When we started we didn’t have any aims to make big money, and that hasn’t changed at all, even just under a year later.

We also launched with a set of rules that we have followed strictly since. Some of the rules including “no clickbait” and “no full-screen advertising/surveys” we are proud to uphold!

However, moving forward we have plans to do things the same, but with a different goal in mind.

The Way Forward

We believe in complete openness and transparency in all of our work. That’s why we’re stating our intentions from the very beginning.

We are currently in the process of changing Hull.Today into a charity.

Why A Charity?

Since we began just under a year ago we have never aimed to make money. If we had aims to make money we would have given up long ago! In the (near) year of running Hull.Today I (the editor) have not taken a single penny for myself.

Our aims are still the same as before; bringing local news to the region. Now, however, we have some additional aims, which will benefit the community.

  • Work Experience – We want to give people the opportunity to get real-world experience to help them get the job they want and deserve, not the job they need.
  • Education – We want to be able to teach people how to write creatively, and from press releases, and give them skills, and improve their existing skills (including IT, video, editing, photography).
  • Fundraising – To help the region’s many charities we will do everything we can to help them raise vital funds. Even before now we have offered 100% free advertising for charities, and this will continue moving forward.

What this means is that we are going to be looking for sponsors, premises, and volunteers! We want to create a friendly, relaxed, environment for people to gain some real-world experience whilst doing something positive to benefit the community.

Future Plans

Along with the above changes we are looking at a few improvements that readers have requested over time:

  • Physical Edition – a weekly edition featuring all of the region’s news. Our aim with this is to make it free, just like our website.
  • More videos – we want to get more video content. This includes interviews and general information videos.
  • More content! – unfortunately it’s hard to get every story published, being a tiny team.
  • Give more to the community – Being a charity means we don’t aim to make a profit. However, if we do, we plan on giving that money to other charities in the region.

What do we need?

We desperately need support to make this a reality. If we can find sponsors of any kind it will help us deliver on the goals we’ve set out. We also need somewhere to call “home”, where we can welcome volunteers and work. Most of all, we need you, the reader, to keep on reading our work! If you can help at all then please do contact us ([email protected]).