We published an article on Saturday after a number of worries were brought to our attention.

Some of the concerns included:

  • Disrepair of premises
  • Drug use
  • Wasted Funding
  • Excessive Rental Charges

Following this being brought to our attention we emailed Humbercare. Unfortunately, two days after our original email, we received a very short response.

Humbercare Email

Thank you for your email on Saturday 3rd February 2018.

We see that you have already published an article with regards to these issues and therefore believe that nothing productive would be added by commenting further. As you may be aware from the social media this weekend Humbercare provided factual information with regards to the repairs to electrics, boiler and a leaking toilet, all of which were rectified prior to you having sent this email.

With regards to your research into the cost of sheltered accommodation, can I direct you to Hull City Council for assistance in this respect as for the record Humbercare do not provide any sheltered accommodation.

Yours sincerely

Humbercare Ltd

Unfortunately not a single question posed was answered in the email.

We would like to clarify that their definition of “sheltered accommodation” is individual to themselves. One would assume they would understand that an outsider to their company would not know the exact wording used by them. Sadly, that was beyond them.

Upon receiving this email we gave them time to consider a more thorough reply, and gave them two hours to confirm if they wish to. Sadly that email appears to have been ignored.

Growing Concerns

Since our article on Saturday we have been approached by a number of individuals. This includes both current employees, ex-employees, and service users. Each one of them shared the same stories.

We would like to assure these people that we share their concerns and will continue to seek answers.

Currently we have not received a definitive answer regarding weekly charges for accommodation (sheltered, assisted, however they wish to identify it as). However we have been given weekly fees ranging from £175 to £220 per week from people that contacted us.

This lack of answer from Humbercare will not deter us and we will continue to investigate this ongoing issue.