Bank Side

After an extensive review by the Environment Agency a large section of flood defences are about to be repaired. Almost 200 metres of the existing flood defences will be repaired as part of a £36.5m project. During the extensive investigation the Environment Agency discovered 39 sites in dire need of repair. Without this essential work the defences could fail within the next two years.

Work is scheduled to begin next month (19/02/18) and is expected to last until the 2nd of May. During the course of the work sections of road will be completely shut to vehicles, and in some cases pedestrians. Businesses are expected to remain open as usual, however.

Bank Side Hull
Bank Side will be closed for almost three months.

One Third Complete

Work began on this project in April 2017. Since then the Environmental Agency has been able to complete one third of the work. The majority of this work did not disrupt the public as it was completed from adjoining land and temporary structures.

In the first wave of disruptions there will be no through access for motorists and commuters between Clough Road and Air Street. Businesses, however, will still be accessible. The public footpath at the railway bridge will also be closed to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists from Monday 19 February until the beginning of May.

Commuters are being urged to plan ahead for the scheduled roadworks. Motorists traveling from the north of the city are advised to use Clough Road and Beverley Road. Those traveling from the South are being advised to use Stoneferry Road instead.

We Need The Public’s Support

Brendan Sharkey, Environment Agency project manager on the River Hull Defences Scheme said:

We have greatly appreciated the cooperation of the businesses operating on and along the river over the past few months, but we now need the support of the public to help us deliver this multi-million pound scheme which will better protect thousands of homes and businesses in Hull from flooding.

We are aware of the disruption the work at Bankside will cause commuters and we are working with our partners to progress the work as efficiently as possible, but we need to be realistic about how long this complex river work may take.

When asked about the affects on commuters, Brendan said:

We want to advise commuters to start planning ahead now and be prepared for congestion at peak times in the city. Where possible, alternative travel routes and methods should also be considered.

Natural Flood Plain

Around ninety-five percent of Hull sits on a natural flood plain. Because of this it is essential to maintain and improve flood defences.

In June 2007 Hull suffered from extreme flooding, causing damage to more than 9,000 homes and businesses.

Wincolmlee Closures

After work has completed on the Bankside section of the river there will be work performed on the Wincolmlee stretch. This work is going to be split into two halves; North Wincolmlee and South Wincolmlee.

Work will begin on the North section on the 7th of May, until the 3rd of July. Then on the 6th of July to 4th of September the South section will be completed.

After the initial closures there will be smaller sections of these roads closed while work is completed.

Work is currently scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.

Wincolmlee Hull
Wincolmlee will also be closed for several months whilst essential work is completed.

News At A Glance

Bank Side will be closed from 19/02/18 until 02/05/18. Wincolmlee (North) will be closed from 03/05/18 until 03/07/18. Wincolmlee (South) will be closed from 06/07/18 until 04/09/18.

Closures are to allow essential work to be made to flood defences, without which they could fail within two years.