Born Into A City of Culture

This Monday (22nd) the final panel of the fantastic artwork featured at the Hull Women and Children’s Hospital will be unveiled. After a year in the making the final piece of the artwork will finally be added to the stunning display.

The artwork, which can be seen in the reception area of the building, was created in an unexpected way. Newborns in the two Hull hospitals had their footprints taken, which were then added to the display.

Born Into A City of Culture
Panels of this artwork can be found in the foyer of the Hull Women and Children’s Hospital.

Newborns footprints were added to the artwork as leaves of trees, whilst the trunks and branches of the piece are made from handprints of the midwives.

Three More Reason to Celebrate

Three midwives from the hospital have even more to celebrate on the artwork. Not only do their handprints make up the trunks of the trees, but for these three their newborns also feature on the art!


Lois Donkin, one of the hospital’s midwifes, became pregnant after having her handprint taken. Her daughter Matilda was born in August, meaning her footprint is also part of the artwork. Since becoming a midwife 2016, Lois is now part of the Fatima Allam Birth Centre. When asked about the artwork she said:

We didn’t know what it was going to look like, just that the midwives’ hands would be used for the tree trunks and the babies footprints would be the leaves.

I was so pleased when I found out both of us would be on it after I became pregnant.

I know Matilda’s footprint is somewhere on the panel for July and August but I’ve no idea where my handprint is.


Carly shares a similar story. Her son Frankie was born back in January 2017, making him one of the first handprints to make the piece. Carly, who trained at the hospital in 2001, became a midwife in the same hospital in 2007. She said:

To be born in the year Hull was City of Culture was something special in itself.

But to work at the trust and be part of this incredible project with Frankie was just so lovely.


Alex McCann recently joined the midwifery team at the Fatima Allam Birth Centre. She recently returned to work following the birth of her son Samuel in February. Samuel’s footprint also features on the artwork. Alex shared with us:

It’s really special walking past the artwork when I come to work, knowing both my handprint and Samuel’s footprint are on it.

Hull Born Into A City of Culture
Postcards will be available to purchase from the event.

Celebratory Event

On Wednesday over 1,500 parents and family members will be joining the midwives and hospital staff in celebrating the artwork.

Tickets have been selling quickly for this special event. City of Culture director Martin Green and the trust’s head of midwifery Janet Cairns will be among the guests and families will have the chance to be reunited with midwives who delivered their babies.

Several stalls will also be open through the event, offering information on children’s services, soft play, and a chance to watch some of the images taken throughout the year.

Guests will be able to purchase postcards featuring the six panels, either £1 each or £6 for the full set. Prints of the artwork will also be available for £7 each, or two for £10.

Limited edition canvases of the artwork will also be available to order.

Please note that this will be a cash-only event, and you will be unable to pay by card.

Tickets Still Available

Limited tickets are still available for the event, and can be bought through the Hull Box Office website. For more information about the event please visit the HEY NHS Website.

News At A Glance

Babies and midwives from Hull hospitals took part in a unique artwork, which can be seen at the Hull Women and Children’s Hospital.

Footprints from newborns and handprints from midwives formed the trees and leaves on the artwork.

An event is being held next Wednesday (24th) to celebrate the launch of the artwork. Tickets can be bought from the Hull Box Office website, but only limited places remain.