World Record

Guinness World Records holds some amazing records. Some of them feats of strength (Heaviest Aircraft Pulled), some the outright bizarre (Most Straws Stuffed In Mouth). However, one local man has managed to set a new World Record, with a very local twist.

Mark Williamson of Hornsea Harriers is now the World Record holder for the fastest marathon dressed as a phone box. Not just any, generic, phone box though. Mark managed to complete the marathon dressed up as a cream-coloured Hull phone box!

Hornsea Man World Record Marathon
Mark pictured crossing the finish line after a record-breaking marathon. Photo Credit: Jon Purkis

Previous Attempt

Lucas Meagor, Race Director of the Hull Marathon, initially attempted to break the world record at the London Marathon in April 2017. Some may remember his cameo on TV bobbing along in the original cream phone box costume.

For the marathon Lucas was trying to raise funds for LAM Action, a charity that supports people with Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (or LAM). You can find out more about the disease on Wikipedia.

Unfortunately his attempt was not successful. However, though unofficially as Guinness World Records wouldn’t make a separate record for a cream box , he held the original record for running a marathon in a Hull phone box. That is until Mark set the new World Record for phone boxes of all shapes, sizes, and colours.

London Marathon Lucas Meagor phone box
Lucas Meagor in the original Cream Phone Box costume in the London Marathon.

Hull Marathon Record Attempt

Mark, with some great assistance which we will list below, constructed a new Phone Box outfit for the Hull Marathon. After learning the drawbacks of the original design it was re-designed to be much easier to run in.

On the 24th of September Mark ran in the Hull Marathon. Donning the Phone Box costume Mark managed to set a now record-breaking 4 hours, 6 minutes and 37 seconds.

Mark, who runs with Hornsea Harriers, said:

It has been a massive team effort to get this record, which started with Race Director, Lucas Meagor running the London Marathon in the first version of the phone box.

Without all the help it would not have been possible, running the marathon now seems the easiest part of the whole record attempt.

Hull Marathon Mark Williamson World Record
Mark Williamson pictured during the Hull Marathon in his Phone Box costume.

The costume, which was designed by Fiona Jones, Duncan & Helen Johnson and adapted by Hornsea school & Sam Patterson, was improved on the previous version. With a much more streamlined design. Mark went on to thank the Hornsea Sewing Centre, Hornsea Lions, and of course Hornsea Harriers.

Prior to the race he joked that “I just hope I don’t take off on the Humber Bridge like Mary Poppins!”.

Mark Williamson Hull Marathon Phone Box
Marks outfit caught the attention of many spectators in Septembers Hull Marathon.

On To The Next Challenge

With the success of breaking one world record, the Hull Marathon team are setting their sights on 2018. What marathon record would you love to see the runners of the Hull Marathon hold?

A huge thank you to Lucas Meagor for supplying images and quotes for this article! Update: thanks to Jon Purkis for the finishing line photo!