Activists for Love

Activists for Love recently set up an ad-hoc homeless support and shelter in a squatted building on Baker Street.

During their time squatting they brought in many of the homeless people from the streets of Hull. This meant they have shelter in some very cold evenings. Thanks to some very kind donations, they also had food, water, and even entertainment.

After being visited by a representative of the firm that owns the building, there has been a positive outcome found.

Michelle Clarke, Operations Director of MRC Estate and Letting Agents said:

Together with Raise the Roof and Activists for Love, Hull, we wanted to help and support the homeless residing at our Baker Street property. I came up with the idea after visiting the squat last week and putting my head together with Raise the Roof and Activists for Love, Hull and believe we have created a unique package which we are sure will benefit these people who are in desperate need.

Our exciting business plans to turn Baker street into our new Head Offices will ensure that MRC is able to continue to invest in the City of Hull and the people within it. We have put forward an ambitious plan to house some of them within a large property sourced by MRC. Raise the Roof and its Trustees have agreed to rent this property and together with Activists for Love, Hull have pledged to continue providing care and support to those who have committed themselves to becoming drug and alcohol free.

We have been informed that within the squat environment, a family unit has formed giving mutual aid and support to each other we are sure that this will be replicated within the house and will help the transition into independent living.

A Positive Step Forward

The group have now been given the prospect of a large property to continue the great work. This has been a great outcome for the groups.

The property will be updated to all the most recent safety regulations. After which the keys handed over to Raise The Roof. We recently shared some of the great work that Raise The Roof Hull did over the Christmas and New Year. Once the keys are handed over Raise The Roof and Activists for Love Hull will begin decorating and furnishing the property ready to invite homeless people to become tenants.

Going Forward

MRC hope to have the property ready in the near future. MRC have also already began working on housing allocations for most of the squatters. They hope to have the remaining tenants into a healthy environment.

MRC are hoping to have this process completed within the next two weeks.

Because of the great communication between MRC, Activists for Love Hull, and Raise The Roof there has been no need to go through the legal process.