First Arrivals

Hull’s new birth centre, the Fatima Allam Birth Centre, welcomes its first arrivals of 2018.

Laura Mason, 31, became the first new mother in the centre of 2018. She gave birth to Florence Annabelle at 12:58am on the 2nd of January. She managed to fulfill her dream of giving birth underwater in the birthing pool. Her experience was assisted with colour-changing lights, music playing, and her husband Chris by her side throughout the experience.

Laura and Chris Mason with baby Florence Annabelle.

Laura said:

It was absolutely perfect, I’d arrived at the hospital at 10.30pm on New Year’s Day and gave birth two and a half hours later.

We hadn’t thought about a water birth before but decided to get in the water when the midwife suggested it. It was just so relaxing, the warm water helped with the pain and it was just a wonderful experience.

I had really wanted to have her at the birth centre as I’d heard really good things about it from my friends. The aim had been to have her at the birth centre and I was so relaxed and comfortable.

Chris, Laura’s husband, shared his thoughts about the experience:

It was just brilliant. Laura seemed so much more relaxed than she’d been at home as soon as she got into the pool.

It worked out perfectly and I saw her open her eyes in the water when she came up to the surface.

I can’t imagine a more ideal situation to give birth in and the staff were absolutely fantastic.

Florence Annabelle Mason
Florence Annabelle Mason was born weighing 7lbs1.5oz.

Patrycja Zielke and Jozsef Balatinacz welcome Nikola

Not long after Florence’s birth, Patrycja and Jozsef welcomed baby Nikola to the world. At 11:42am baby Nikola was born at 8lb8oz.

With Nikola sleeping contently in her cot Patrycja said:

I’d an uncomplicated pregnancy so could use the birth centre and it was really good.

I used the birthing pool and the birthing platform and I felt so relaxed.

She is my first baby and I’m really glad I went to the birth centre.

The couple, who live in the city centre, plan on raising Nikola to speak both her parent’s native languages, Polish and Hungarian, as well as English.

Patrycja and Jozsef with baby Nikola.
Patrycja and Jozsef with baby Nikola.

Fatima Allam Birth Centre

Since opening in April 2017 the Fatima Allam Birth Centre has helped scores of couples. The Midwifery-led service coupled with first-class equipment and environments has made the birthing experience much easier for the families involved.

The birth centre is located on the second floor of the Hull Women and Children’s Hospital, and is right next door to the labour ward. All pain relief, except epidurals, are available to women using the new centre. Due to the location it also means that if there are any complications during the birthing process the patient can be transported to the neighbouring labour ward in seconds.

Expectant parents can find out more about the birth centre at the upcoming HEY Baby Carousel event. The event is held on the 31st of January between 6pm and 8pm at the Hull Women and Children’s Centre.

Suzanne Lascelles, midwifery sister for the birth centre, said:

We are putting blue and pink buttons in a special jar to mark all the babies born at the birth centre in 2018 so we’re delighted to start with our first two pink buttons.

The Fatima Allam Birth Centre provides the opportunity to have a very special birth and to welcome your baby into the world in a calming and relaxing environment.

We’re sure Florence Annabelle and Nikola will be the first of many new arrivals this year.