Where To Buy Your Dog From

It’s the time of year where people are excitedly awaiting a visit from a jolly man in a red suit. It’s also the time of year where children, and sometimes adults, ask for pets for Christmas. However East Riding of Yorkshire Council have urged people to consider where these pets come from.

Residents are being urged to buy their pets from a reputable dealer, or to adopt from a local shelter.

This comes after research by The Kennel Club, the UK’s largest dog welfare organisation, showed some horrifying information. Their research shows that almost one in five puppies bought through the internet die before they reach six months old. The research also showed that dogs bought from unlicensed dealers, or puppy farms, are more likely to develop severe illnesses and behavioural problems. The outcome of this could also mean that many are abandoned or taken to shelters as the owner can no longer cope, or afford the ongoing treatment.

What To Look Out For

When making the decision, which should not be made lightly, to purchase a dog, you should always consider the following:

  1. Did the seller allow you to see the litter and the mother? You should always be suspicious if the seller cannot let you see the rest of the litter or the mother.
  2. Does the seller have a license? Check the East Riding Of Yorkshire Council list of registered dog breeders here.
  3. If the dog is sold as Pedigree be sure it has the correct, and legitimate, documentation.
  4. Is the dog up to date with vaccinations? If so when is the next round of vaccinations due?
dogs in christmas box
Are you buying a dog this Christmas? Please consider where it’s from.

Council Statement

Tina Holtby, interim public protection group manager at East Riding of Yorkshire Council has said:

A puppy or a dog can be a great addition to any home but I would really urge people to think carefully and do their research before buying one.

Caution should be taken when thinking about buying a dog online or via a newspaper advert whilst people selling dogs from vans in places like car parks, markets or backstreets should be avoided at all costs.

One option for people to consider is to visit their local rescue centre and give a home to a dog that is looking for a new owner.

If people do want a puppy then they need to make sure they are buying from a reputable breeder.

Good breeders do not sell puppies from the back of a van in car parks at markets and dogs bought from reputable breeders are unlikely to develop health or behavioural issues.

Consider Adoption

There are a number of dogs waiting for a happy home this Christmas. Instead of buying a puppy why not adopt a dog that no longer has a home? There are several pet charities in the region which will help you each step of the way through the adoption process including The Dog’s Trust, RSPCA, and Hull Animal Welfare Trust.