Are you homeless, skint, or just lonely? This Christmas Eve and New Years Eve there’s a completely free event to help end those wintery blues.

Everyone is welcome at the events being held on both days. With food, entertainment, clothes, toiletries, shoes, haircuts, and sleeping bags to name a few things available to anyone in need of them.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve the event is being held on at the Guildhall Bike Sheds, at the back of the Guildhall. The event on Christmas Eve will be from 10am to 2pm, and hot food will be provided.

New Year’s Eve

Get down to O’Riley’s on Beverley Road on New Year’s Eve for even more entertainment and support. There will be a cold buffet provided and will run from 10am to 1pm.

Hull 2017 Christmas New Year

Why not share the poster above around and see if we can help get the word out there to as many people as possible?