Can you help?

Rachael Haukvik is trying to raise £200 to help Hull’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit this Christmas.

After all three of Rachael’s children were born premature she wants to give back to the NICU that helped her. That’s why she’s trying to raise £200 to help buy Miniboos for all the babies.

The Miniboos will be a specially made Miniboo Santa Boo, which not only will help the babies to feel comfortable but they will hopefully raise the spirits over the Christmas period. Some of the children in the NICU won’t be able to return home for Christmas. So the aim is to get enough Miniboos for all the children that won’t be able to spend their first Christmas at home.

These little soft things can make all the difference to a baby that cannot spend as much time with their parent as they would normally get.


Miniboos are designed to help premature babies and their parents bond.

The chances are you’ll have not heard of Miniboos. They’re a product designed to help premature babies bond with their parents when in NICU. Because of the delicate state premature babies are in they cannot be over-handled.

The parent carries the Miniboo around with them for a while to get the familiar scent attached to the product. This in turn is places with the baby and helps make them feel safe and close to their parent.

How can I help?

WIth the target being only £31 away (as of writing) please donate as much as you can through the JustGiving page. After hitting the target of just £200 the rest of the money is also going to the NICU at Hull Woman And Children’s Hospital. If you can’t spare any money then please share the page and tell everyone you know.