A Hull woman has been fined after her waste was found dumped in Newbald, East Yorkshire.

Zoe Hinchliffe of Jipdane, Hull, was summoned to Beverley Magistrates Court after her waste was discovered. Items such as electrical appliances, tyres, chairs, tables, and children’s toys were found dumped on Beverley Road, Newbald, in May.

Zoe pleaded guilty to failing in her duty of care as she did not check the waste carrier she used was registered and authorised to collect the waste.

During the court proceedings the court heard how members of the public reported the fly-tip, including a farmer who could not access his field because of the waste.

The court also heard how a Streetscene member from East Riding Of Yorkshire Council attended the scene. When they searched through the waste they found evidence linking the waste to Zoe.

Zoe told the court how her boyfriend paid £20-30 to someone to collect the waste from her home while she was not present. She also said that only some of the waste discovered dumped was hers, but accepted that she should have checked if the person was registered.

Miss Hinchliffe was fined a total of £330, made up of £250 costs, £50 for the tipping itself, and a £30 victim surcharge.

Hull Fly Tipping
Fly Tipping has become a problem with people paying unauthorised people to dump waste.

Advice On Household Waste

East Riding of Yorkshire Council advise that it is the responsibility of the owner of the waste to ensure it’s disposed of correctly.

You should always check to see if the person that is disposing of your waste is registered with the council and the Environment Agency. To give yourself better protection it is always worth using a company listed on the council’s website.

Or if possible try taking your waste to one of the local council’s recycling centres to be sure it gets there.

Anyone caught fly-tipping could be ordered to pay a £400 fixed penalty notice. However if the case goes to court there’s no limit on the amount that can be charged. It can also lead to imprisonment.

Mike Featherby, head of Streetscene, said:

All reports of fly-tipping are investigated by the council and any evidence found will be used to bring a prosecution.

It is regrettable that someone has probably unwittingly been drawn into committing an offence, but be clear the responsibility lies with the individual to make the necessary checks to make sure their waste is disposed of correctly and legally.

How Do I Know They’re Registered?

You can search all businesses registered to carry and dispose of waste on the Environmental Health website here. If the business is not listed on this database then they’re not currently registered with the department.