Thefts of Delivery Vehicles

Humberside Police are warning delivery drivers to take care while out on their work.

A number of thefts of delivery vehicles has been reported recently.

Alarming numbers of which are whilst the driver is at a customer’s door.

How to help prevent it?

Drivers are advised not to leave their vehicle running whilst delivering a package or food, and to take their keys with them.

Detective Inspector Allison Sweeting said:

We are investigating two car thefts in Cottingham and Hull where the fast food delivery drivers had left their cars running as they went to the door to make their delivery.  I want to warn other drivers to be aware that bogus callers are ordering food specifically to steal vehicles, with the likely intention to commit more crime

There have also been two thefts of number plates from cars, which again will be used to put onto other cars to commit crime

I’d like to hear from anyone who knows about these incidents so that we can catch those responsible.

Do you have any information?

Two more recent thefts include a silver Vauxhall Corsa on the 23rd of October on Green Lane, Cottingham. The other being a Toyota Avensis on Woodlands Road in Hull on the 16th of October.

Police are asking anyone that may have information about these thefts that could help their investigation to contact 101 referencing 565 of 23/10/17.