Spike in Burglaries

After a recent spike in burglaries in the St. Andrews area of Hull, Humberside Police have released advice on keeping you and your home safe.

Since the 1st of October 20 burglaries have been reported to the police from St Andrews alone.

Allison Sweeting, Detective Inspector said:

In order to prevent further offences we’ve increased patrols in the area to deter offenders and respond to further incidents. I would urge people to call 999 if they see a burglary in progress as this will increase the likelihood in catching the offender.

We also need the public’s help preventing the opportunities for offenders to commit crime by keeping homes secure. Burglars often target homes with insecure doors and windows and I would urge people to ensure they leave home locked and protected. In addition, people should ensure that high value items are kept out of view and distinctive property should be added onto www.immobilise.com, ensuring that distinctive markings and photos are uploaded.

Finally we need the public’s help with information on those committing burglary or handling stolen goods so please call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 with information on those responsible for crime.

A lock being picked.

How To Help Prevent Burglaries

Humberside Police also released the following advice to help prevent burglaries to your own home:

  1. SECURITY – Keep all the doors and windows locked, even when your home. Use existing safety catches and door chains. Never hang a spare key near a letterbox or leave one concealed near the doorway. Don’t leave keys in door or window locks. Secure your vehicle. Keep car keys out of sight.
  2. GOING OUT? – Make your property appear occupied, even when you are out. Consider leaving some lights and a television on when leaving your home. You could use timers to turn on lights and have blinds set to prevent people seeing inside.
  3. GOING ON HOLIDAY? – Don’t advertise the fact on social media (you never know who will see it), cut the lawn before you go, cancel milk and papers, ask someone to look after your house and collect post when your gone.
  4. CYCLES – High performance bikes are particularly of risk. Lock them to an immovable object, even when in the garage or shed and make sure they are out of view. Keep the gap between the bike and lock small, so inserting tools is harder. Use a quality lock – D locks are harder to cut, but only if the metal is hardened steel. Chains need to be substantial and made from hardened steel. Wire locks and loops are lighter. Braided wire is the strongest of wire locks and is hard to cut. Beware of thin wire locks covered by plastic sheaths, making them appear stronger. Consider using two different types of locks, as thieves rarely carry the tools to break two different lock types.
  5. IN THE GARDEN – keep bushes and trees low, trespassers hate being on view. Secure outbuildings and sheds with locks. Put ladders and tools away. Ensure your fencing is of a sufficient height and in a good state of repair.
  6. VALUABLES – Keep valuables in the home out of general view from opportunist burglars. They may look through windows when deciding if the home contains property they consider worth stealing. Use Curtains, blinds, nets or other window coverings to prevent this. Mark your valuables, keep a list of serial numbers of property (especially cycles) and register them on www.Immobilise.com This is a free national database and helps police recover stolen property and return it to their rightful owners.
  7. IN THE FUTURE – Consider fitting a burglar alarm with visible, deterrent bell boxes front and rear and keep the system maintained. Consider the use of outdoor lighting and movement activated floodlights. Consider boarding over the windows of sheds, it is better if a burglar can’t see inside.  Your local officers are conducting patrols in the area and they do rely on residents providing information about criminal and anti-social activity. If you witness any such activity or see anyone acting suspiciously, please do not hesitate to report them to Humberside Police. Please call 999 in an emergency and 101 in a Non-emergency