As you may have seen on social media we have started to cover all Bridlington Town home matches. Rather than the usual “this happened, that happened”, we thought we’d share our first experience at Queensgate.

Having driven past the ground many times in the past and never having been inside it was quite an exciting experience. With rugby being played next door it meant parking was a little trickier, but we eventually found somewhere to park and made our way in.


After becoming accustomed to fancy entry systems (that rarely function properly) it was great to speak to a real person on entry instead of a robot. The first thing that hits you as you’re entering is how friendly everyone is.

The one thing you can’t say about non-league football is that they’re not welcoming. Another thing you can’t say is they’re not passionate about their (and now our) team.

We still had about 25 minutes until the start of the match, so what better way to prepare than a beer and a burger? Being the designated driver it was a can of coke for me, but my colleague Phil offered to try out the bar.

A special mention has to be made here for the matchday programme. At only £1.50 it kept us entertained during the interval and even on the way home from the match. The presentation was excellent and was a great read for first-time visitors such as ourselves (but the first of many).


Bridlington Town v Liversedge

We found a comfortable area to stand and watch the game from, by the bar of course. The teams lined up, shook hands, and the match began.

From the first kick Town dominated the game. There were flashes of great quality by top scorer Brett Agnew that were worthy of much higher leagues.

What’s exciting for a football fan is watching a game where players don’t prance around, acting like butterflies could break their delicate limbs. This match was competitive, rough, and entertaining. Players didn’t wimp out of tackles for fear of getting a pasting.


After having a player fouled by the edge of the box, Town had a free kick in a very dangerous place for Liversedge. The shot was looped in, over the wall, and destined for the bottom corner. Sedge’s keeper managed to get his palms onto it, but could not hold onto the ball. Agnew’s positioning was spot on for the rebound, which he tapped in past their keeper.

There were worst shouted by the keeper that we are unfortunately allowed to publish, but we certainly learned a few new words from him!

Town continued to dominate the first half, with some excellent passing too. But unfortunately they could not capitalise on the possession with a second before half time.

Half Time

The whistle blew for the end of the first half, and the rush towards the food stand began. Having already filled up on a pre-match burger this gave us a little time to wander and have a look around the ground.

We had a look around the newly refurbished bar, which was done to an exceptional standard. All staff and volunteers around the ground were excellent, and you could tell they loved being a part of the setup at Queensgate.

It’s around this time that the heavens slowly began to open so we found somewhere a little more sheltered to begin watching the game from.

Second Half

Liversedge began the second half with a point to prove. Straight from the kick-off they pushed forward, looking a much better team than in the first half.

They kept plugging at the Town goal, but not managing to find a shot on target.


A questionable decision by the ref lead to a free kick. We’re not sure what foul he saw, but it wasn’t seen by any Town players, fans, or even some of the travelling ‘Sedge fans (though they weren’t complaining).

The free kick was taken and ended up being fumbled into the goal. A disappointing goal to concede, but, as much as we don’t like to admit it, was deserved after playing well after the break.

We decided that the action must be following us, so made our way towards the ‘Sedge end.

Town Turn Up Tempo

As luck would have it, this is when Town decided to get back into the game. Call it coincidence, but we would like to think it was us that causes the resurgence.

Town began plugging away, and were nearly rewarded for their efforts when given a free kick in an inviting position. Joel Sutton lined up to take the free kick and nearly scored a blinder, if his shot had been 7 inches lower. The ball hit the top of the bar and out of the ground.

Again, some plucky attacks came close, this time a ‘Sedge defender managed to hear the ball off the line, off the crossbar, and back into play, with the keeper stranded in no man’s land.

It wasn’t meant to be for Town, after a lengthy delay after a clash left the Liversedge keeper needing treatment. It didn’t look like much was in it, but he had a bloody forehead when leaving the pitch.

Full Time 1-1

And like that, our first match, of many, at Bridlington Town was over! An exciting first game, with plenty to talk about.

As the teams left the pitch, something unheard of in the higher leagues happened, which was great to see. Both teams being clapped off the pitch by Town fans.

Though disappointed to have come away with a draw, the fans showed their appreciation to both teams involved, and their backroom staff.

We left the ground full of discussion, and excitement for our next game on the 28th.

Talking Points

We had a few good discussions on our way from the game, including some of the odd and amusing statistics.

The biggest talking point we had was a questionable decision by the referee. At one point one of the Liversedge players took a swing at a Bridlington Town player. No cards were shown. Both players got a talking to and the matter was over.

Our favourite statistic for this game: 12 balls ended up leaving the ground during the game. The poor gentleman fetching the ball from outside the ground had more action than Town keeper James Hitchcock!

Next Game

We have a couple of weeks until our next match, we’re trying to get better with player names so we can give much better match reports.

The next game as Queensgate will be against Albion Sports in a mid-table clash. We hope you can join us there, and we’d love to hear from Town fans and get their thoughts on the matches too!

See you there!