What’s Hull Fair?

Unless you’re not from around here you’ll know Hull Fair, and have at least a few memories to share. But a quick history lesson for those new to the area, visiting, or just plain interested. Hull Fair first opened in March 1278. In the 723 years that it has been held since it has one of Europe’s biggest, and longest running, travelling fairs.

The event attracts rides and stall from all over the UK, and quite often from even further afield.

When is Hull Fair On?

As is tradition, Hull Fair runs this year from Tonight (Friday 6th of October) for 8 days, through until Saturday the 14th of October. The fair will not be open on Sunday the 8th.

Opening Times

Nothing’s worse than turning up at the wrong time. So we’ve put together a short list of the opening times for Hull Fair 2017:

  • Friday 6th – 5pm to 11pm
  • Saturday 7th – Noon to 11pm
  • Sunday 8th – Closed
  • Monday 9th to Friday 13th – 2pm to 11pm
  • Saturday 14th – Noon to 11pm

Don’t forget the fair is closed on Sunday!

What’s The Weather Going To Be Like?

With Hull Fair being an open-air event it’s only natural for the weather to have an effect on the rides. Luckily the majority of the event looks like it could be rain-free!

The only day scheduled for a bit of rain is Saturday the 7th. The fair will still be running, but naturally it will be a little damper than usual, so make sure you wrap up warm!

How Do I Get To Hull Fair?

Unless you’re close by you’re probably going to want to drive or take a bus or taxi to Hull Fair.

Extra services are being run by operators Stagecoach and EYMS.

A list of extra services and prices for EYMS can be found here.

Stagecoach’s extra services, times and prices can be found on their website here.

Regular buses will be running from the train station, and a special park and ride system is available from the Humber Bridge and Priory park and ride locations.

When Does Hull Fair Start?

The Fair will begin with a large opening parade, starting from The Boot Room on Anlaby Road at around 4:20pm, travelling towards Walton Street, and ending at the fair ground.

Then, at 5pm by the Matterhorn Ride, the Lord Mayor will be opening Hull Fair officially, with Reverend Bagshaw leading the ceremony, and saying a prayer. The ringing of the ceremonial bell will sound of the start of the festivities.

What Rides And Attractions Will Be There?

Whilst there’s never an official list of rides and attractions released, there’s usually more rides than you can fit into a single evening. You’ll be spoilt for choice, with rides ranging from relaxing rides for the kids, to white-knuckle thrill rides for the bravest of us!

Once your stomach has settled from being thrown around at high speed, you’ll want to fill it up. It’s not much of a risk to say Bob Carvers will be there, offering up chips, peas and a pattie, as it is the staple meal for any true fair-goer. But if you fancy a bit of a change there’s plenty of alternatives! With food ranging from local to oriental you may well consider not eating much that day until you get there, or you’ll miss out on a great selection of food.

After you’ve wolfed down your pattie and chips, or beef burger, or whatever takes your fancy, you’ll find plenty of stalls offering sweet treats along Walton Street.

No trip to Hull Fair would be complete without a bag of Brandy Snaps to take back home and nibble on as you try and settle down.

How Much Does Hull Fair Cost?

The prices at Hull Fair change every year, so we’re going by the many years of experience of visiting Hull Fair. Please only use these as a rough guide on how much money to take with you. Naturally there are cash machines not too far away from the fair, but these tend to get rather busy!

The majority of rides for children are around £1 to £3, The more simple rides on the lower-end on the range, with the exciting rides pushing £3 to £4.

Rides for grown-ups are much more varied in price. With rides starting at around £2, they are usually up to around £5, but exceptions to this include some of the larger rides, which can go up to about £15 per ride, though these are usually the biggest rides on the park.

For those with a less thrill-seeking disposition there’s still plenty on offer. At the very least you can find plenty of food to tuck into, with a burger usually setting you back £2 to £4. You will also find plenty of stalls with games to play, with the ever-popular Hook A Duck being prominent. There’s also plenty of games to test your skill, like throwing darts onto cards, aiming your hoop onto a prize, and sometimes even a shooting range!

There’s more often than not a few stalls offering giant teddies to the lucky winners whose tickets end in certain numbers, so you may want to make room in the car. We have it on good authority that you will not have to pay an extra ticket for your giant elephant stuffed toy on EYMS and Stagecoach busses though!

Anything Else We Should Know About Hull Fair?

With thousands of people around naturally the even can be a target for pick-pockets and thieves. So make sure you keep your valuables safe, and not on display and stay vigilant.

It may also be worth having a designated meet-up point for you and your friends, or children, in case you do get separated along the busy fair routes. Perhaps pick one of the big rides that can be seen from anywhere to meet up at?

Hull Fair will have a decent showing of Humberside Police’s finest, so if you do get lost, worried, or if you need any help, just stop and have a chat with our friendly police officers!

So what are you waiting for?

Go enjoy the fair!