Hornsea Garden Centre, Sigglesthorne, has been fined over £21,000 for the sale of products which are a “serious fire risk”.

After a visit by Trading Standards agents in December, officers discovered a display of furniture which did not have the correct labelling. When made aware of the situation the company claimed they had paperwork from the suppliers of the furniture, which would show the safety of the products on display.

When the company were unable to prove the safety of the products they were seized and tested by an independent inspection team for flammability, which the dining chairs and cushions failed.

The company, along with two suppliers (Orchid Designs and Mosley Trading) were prosecuted at Beverley Magistrates Court.

Woodthorpe Garden Centre Ltd, the parent company of Hornsea Garden Centre, pleaded guilty to nine offences, and were fined a total of £18,000, and costs of £3,782.

Mosley Trading Company were fined a total of £16,000 for the eight offences committed, and £3,615.54 costs.

Orchid Design Ltd were fined a total of £2,500 for the two offences committed, and costs of £3,325.76.

A total of £47,223.30 was charged to the companies involved in the sale of unsafe furniture.

The company secretary of Woodthorpe Garden Centre Ltd admitted not having the correct procedures in place to check products that are set for sale, whereas Orchid Designs claimed to have “misread the guidance” regarding testing of products.

A statement from Trading Standards regarding this case said:

The companies involved in this case were all experienced traders who failed in their obligations in relation to the safety regulations when simple physical checks would have revealed the inadequate labelling of the products

I would urge anyone buying items such as cushions and soft furnishings to ensure they have the correct safety labels attached so they know the items they are taking into their homes are safe.

It is hoped that all companies involved will be putting into practise more stringent testing on furniture, and thankfully no known injuries were caused by the furniture in question.

If you have any of the products involved (grey upholstered dining chair, leather dining chair, or cushions) bought from Hornsea Garden Centre then please check for the appropriate safety labelling attached to the products.

No other products from the company are known to have any issues.