Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said he is referring the decision to close the MIU unit at Hornsea Cottage Hospital, and downgrading of the units in Withernsea and Driffield, to an independent panel of experts.

The news of the East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s decision to close the unit shocked residents, and, thanks to the campaigning by residents it appears their voice is finally going to be heard.

If the unit were to be closed it would mean over 13,000 patients per year would have to find a way, with limited public transport links, to neighbouring towns for minor injuries. For instance this would mean a resident of Hornsea would have to travel by bus for upwards of an hour, as well as walking just under a mile from the nearest bus stop, with injuries including broken bones and burns.

The decision to refer the decision to an independent panel of experts has been met with positivity from residents, with most we have spoken to agreeing that it’s nice to feel heard by the government after being ignored since the plans were first announced.