Lee Walton, Yorkshire Party representitive for Beverley and Holderness has shared his thoughts on the recent General Election:

Last night we didn’t quite achieve the success that we would have liked to have achieved, but that is unsurprising in the current climate. This election has been polarised with many people voting for Labour or Conservatives because they deemed that this election was ‘too important’ to vote for who they actually supported.

This does not speak well of our democracy. If anything, last night shows that our electoral system really is broken and needs to change. We need proportional representation to allow the people of our great nation to be truly represented. Not the Alternative Vote system offered by the Conservatives. Real proportional representation.

One of the things that really struck home last night was the erosion of the Conservative vote. Theresa May started this election believing that she could strengthen the Conservative majority, giving her a mandate to steer us towards a hard Brexit. The people of the UK have firmly rejected Theresa May and her vision. Personally, after her hubris, I think she should step aside and let someone else take on the leadership of the Conservative party.

For the Yorkshire Party, this was a good election. We have increased our votes across the region, amassing a total of 20,958 votes. At the next election we hope to stand even more candidates and increase our share of the vote.

We will continue to fight for a fairer Yorkshire, fairer funding for Yorkshire, and real devolved powers, not the toothless metro mayors that have been introduced by Westminster as a placebo.

In closing, I would just like to thank everyone who voted for me. We will continue to fight on! And I would just like to say a big thank you & congratulations to the Yorkshire Party campaign team & candidates. For a party which has only stood in two general elections we have come a long way.

You can read more from Lee Walton and find out more about the Yorkshire Party on his Facebook page which can be found here.