Humberside Police and Safer Roads Humber are using an unmarked Kawasaki ZZR1400 fitted with the latest technology to catch speeding motorcyclists.

Video equipment and speed detection equipment has been added to the bike to make it an effective tool in prosecuting speeding motorcyclists in the Humberside region.

Simon Carlisle, the Casualty Reduction Officer, says that:

We are concerned about the number of motorcyclists speeding on our rural roads, many travelling well over 100mph.  Already this year two motorcyclists have lost their lives, we just want to try and prevent further deaths and serious injury collisions.

Since the start of April we have been out with the unmarked bike each weekend.  Over the Easter weekend a number of motorcycle riders and car drivers were reported for speeding offences.  Most of which were on the B1248 across the Wolds, around Wetwang and Tibthorpe.  One motorbike was clocked at 118 miles per hour, two others at 100mph and several over 90mph.

Some speeding riders, reported for offences, are referred onto a ‘diversion from prosecution’ course.  This means that they are not prosecuted for the offence as long as they attend a classroom based course. The hope is that the offender realises how excessive speed and poor riding affects not only themselves but other road users. If they are caught offending again within three years they will be subject to prosecution

Education is always better than enforcement, and so far I have not met too many riders who have re-offended following attendance on a course. The majority of riders have found the course impactful and hopefully what was needed to slow them down.

These diversionary courses are not an option for offenders at higher speeds, who will face court with a view to disqualification

Our message is to both drivers and riders – please slow down on our rural roads and give consideration to other road users.

Humberside Police say that Operation Achilles will run throughout the summer with a view to reduce casualties and fatal collisions.