A charity bike ride to raise funds for the Hornsea Mini Rugby team was almost scuppered by thieves. Steve and Rob from Hornsea were attempting to cycle the entire Trans-Pennine Trail, a 215 mile ride all the way from Southport to Hornsea, and were over half way through the journey when after evening’s stay in Sheffield they discovered their equipment had been stolen from their van.

After travelling over 100 miles, Steve and Rob’s bikes were stolen right from their own van, parked in the hotel car park. Unfortunately there was no other option than to cancel the remainder of the journey and regroup back home to Hornsea.

Undeterred by the behaviour of the thieves that managed to steal over £2,000 of equipment, Steve and Rob finished the final leg of the journey, but this time accompanied by over 50 children and their parents, many of whom are part of the Hornsea Mini Rugby team.

When they arrived at Goxhill, the final leg, on Sunday, as was initially planned before the theft, they were happily surprised to be greeted by such a large turnout of locals looking to help them along with the final stage of their long, and now expensive, journey.

Each of the riders for the last leg of the trip managed to get sponsorship from their friends and family to help raise as much as possible for the team, and we’re looking forward to hearing how much they managed to raise for the local sports team.

As they arrived in Hornsea at the end of the Trans-Pennine Trail they were greeted enthusiastically by many friends and family of all those involved in the fundraising.

They plan on returning later this month to complete the remaining stages of the trail, determined to complete the journey they set out on.

The thieves may have left with a couple of bikes, but they couldn’t steal the community spirit shown by residents of the town, and Steve and Rob can hold their heads high.