Humberside Police will be running a trial for “spit hoods”, a mesh-like fabric cover placed over the arrested’s head when they become unruly and try to spit on officers.

Each officer that will be permitted to use the spit hoods will receive special training and will be wearing a body camera to help an independent scrutiny panel decide on if they should be rolled out force-wide or scrapped entirely.

The trial will begin Monday and will be trialled for three months, before the panel decides their fate.

So what are Spit Hoods?

Spit Hoods, also referred to as “spit guards”, are a mesh fabric contraption that is placed over the head of the arrested person, making it very difficult for them to spit at the arresting officers. The fabric doesn’t restrict breathing and is designed so that it doesn’t fall easily off the person’s head whilst they are being removed from the scene.

These hoods are designed to only be used when it’s “appropriate and justifiable”.

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