After a surprising call for a Snap Election from current PM Theresa May there have been many changes in local government. One shocking change is Hull West and Hessle MP, Alan Johnson, stepping down.

One refreshing change has been with the Yorkshire Party. They have recently named two local Mayors as their representatives for both the Beverley & Holderness area and the East Yorkshire areas.

Challenging MP Graham Stuart for the Beverley & Holderness seat is Mayor of Hornsea Lee Walton, a name that our readers may be familiar with after his continued opposition to the closure of the Hornsea Minor Injuries Unit. After the recent fence-sitting from MP Graham Stuart it will be interesting to see where the vote goes in this area as it has angered many local residents.

In the East Yorkshire area the seat that is currently held by Sir Greg Knight will be challenged for by the Mayor of Bridlington, Liam Dealtry.

Both candidates face a struggle to convince voters there is another option from the standard three parties, and hopefully will be able to show residents that Yorkshire has a voice. It is certainly an exciting time for residents of the Yorkshire area, knowing that they have a party that will represent the needs of those outside of the City of London, in a much neglected Northern England.