We have to make a confession: This was our first visit to Bondville Model Village. We have another confession: It won’t be our last!

Of all the days to pick for our first visit to the little land of Bondville, a hidden gem on the Yorkshire coast, we picked Easter Sunday. As you’d expect there were crowds of visitors there not only for the regular attraction of miniature buildings, but also for the Easter Extravaganza! The kids didn’t mind as a very helpful Easter Bunny rewarded their visit with a delicious Cream Egg.

As you walk through the main entrance and are greeted at the shed reception you get your first glimpse into the little village. You can about make out the top of a miniature castle and the odd few houses. Then you pass through the slowly opening gate you get an odd feeling of entering the main room from Willy Wonka’s factory, but without Gene Wilder’s voice serenading you, and with the chocolate waterfall, sadly, replaced by a regular, though appropriately smaller, waterfall.

On your first walk through you’ll notice the obvious, like the game of cricket on the village green, the newly installed train service making its tours of the village and the boat mainly its regular turns around in the harbour. It’s on your second walk through, and you’ll definitely want to, you’ll notice all the hidden gems and special touches that make this attraction worthy of the sheer quantity of great praise is receives on Trip Adviser and other review sites. Our favourite has to be the miniature owl perched on the church roof just as you’re about to leave, see if you can spot it when you visit!

Our rating system is very simple; two thumbs, up or down. Bondville certainly got two thumbs up from our children, and we wish we could grow extra thumbs to give more but it’s two thumbs up from the parents too, for giving us well over an hour of peace and keeping the kids busy exploring!