Date: 05/04/17
K.O.: 7:45pm

After a crucial 2-1 win against West Ham, Hull look to increase the chances of their survival with a bottom-of-the-table clash with Middlesbrough.

With both teams suffering from a misfiring attack there could be changes at the front for Hull. Marco Silva is not limited to attacking options, and should be encouraged by Abel Hernandez’s performance against the Hammers, even if he isn’t scoring many.

An injury to Middlesbrough defender Fabio gives Hull much higher hopes of coming away from this game with all three points, if the forwards can find a way to get into form.

With many of the developmental squad itching to get into the first team plans it could be time to bring a few onto the bench at least. When some of your developmental squad are on scoring form then why not give them a chance to bring that form to the first team?

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say 4-0 to Hull. Something tells us that this could be the turning point of the season for Hull, and a huge win against a struggling side that has only scored a handful of goals since last year this could be the time where Hull begin to come back to life.