After our last piece about Bondville Model Village we thought we’d bring you another excellent local attraction to visit.

Honeysuckle Farm is a working farm on the outskirts of Hornsea and has, for many years, been a favourite for children of all ages.

With the weather looking to be great for the weekend there’s no better time to get your family out and enjoy some outdoor attractions. As this is a working farm you can experience many aspects of life on a farm. From feeding the wide range of animals to watching the Jersey cows being milked, but we’ll start from the beginning; when you first arrive.

When you arrive at Honeysuckle Farm, it’s hard to believe the Narnia hidden through the wardrobe that is the entrance. With ample parking the real treasure is hidden behind the bushes that surround the car park. As you approach the entrance you’ll start to hear the noises of all the livestock, and more than likely the laughter of children enjoying the many activities within.

Entry is only £4.95 for Adults (16-59yrs) and £4.50 for Children (3-15yrs). Seniors get in at Children’s prices and under 3’s are completely FREE!

Now you’re in, this is where the fun begins. If you’ve arrived around lunch and your stomach is growling you’ve got two options right away, either pop out the picnic and enjoy one of the many picnic areas (one being right by the entrance), or turn left and you’ll be greeted with a great selection of snacks and treats (as well as the excellent gift shop for on your way home!). After you’ve finished your snacks and think there’s room for more then a couple of scoops of ice cream made on-site, from the cows you can watch be milked on-site daily, is a must! Even if you don’t have any room you should think about taking a tub home to enjoy.

Once you pass the cafe and gift shop you’ll be greeted by a washing area. As this is a working farm at this point you should make sure you give your hands a thorough clean, you’re going to want to pet and feed the animals. Keep going and you’ll be greeted by something that may give you a shock; your kids will be screaming in excitement! Piles of bales as far as the eye can see inside a weatherproof barn just waiting to be explored by children. You’ll see children of all ages climbing around, jumping from bale to bale, and, which you’ll be thankful for on the trip home, tire the lods out a bit.

If you manage to drag your kids off the bales, don’t worry they will thank you for it, you’ve got a few options ahead of you. The first, which has been a popular feature of the farm for as long as this editor can remember, is the tradition cart, which can ferry you around on a tour of the farm for a small fee. This tour, powered by Tinkerbell and Madge, resident horses, is an absolute must for any visitor to the farm. Not only does it let you have a sit down and a rest for a while, but you get to take in some of the amazing Yorkshire scenery on the way around, and even have a peek at the other areas of the farm to explore when you get back to the station!

We don’t want to tell you all the hidden gems within the farm, that would take the fun out of the experience for you! We do have a few recommendations for while you’re there:

  1. Arrive early. You’re going to want to spend a good 3-4 hours and in the summer months it can get get very busy.
  2. Bring a picnic or try to plan ahead for lunch breaks, again the cafe can get busy during summer and at peak times.
  3. Take waterproof clothes even if it’s sunny. Just leave them in the boot until you need them.
  4. Buy a bucket of animal feed when you go in, you’re going to want to feed the animals!
  5. Try the ice cream!

We really do hope you enjoy your visit to Honeysuckle Farm, and we’re sure you and your entire family will have a great day out that you’ll want to visit again and again!

Honeysuckle Farm can be found on Bewholme Lane, Hornsea. Enter HU18 1BY in your Sat Nav.

Opening times: 10am-5pm 7 Days (incl Bank Holidays). Open from now until Sunday 3rd September.