I was very disappointed to hear the CCG confirm the decision to close Hornsea’s MIU.

Hornsea is a rural town with many elderly residents, and our public transport links to neighbouring towns is poor. Up until 2013, we didn’t even have an A road! This makes it very difficult for those without a car, or those unable to drive through injury or infirmity, to travel to one of the neighbouring towns to visit an A&E or Urgent Care Centre.

Consequently, I really am concerned that the removal of the MIUs will lead to further calls to the ambulance service, which can only have a detrimental effect on response times and waiting times at A&E. As a result, this decision could lead to someones death.

I really don’t think the CCG have listened to the people of Hornsea, or the other towns of the East Riding that will be affected by this decision.

This decision does bring into question the long term viability of the Hornsea Memorial Cottage Hospital. They have already taken the beds away, and now they’re taking the MIU. How long before they take the rest of the services too. And it is important to stress that the hospital was paid for by the people of Hornsea and is a WW1 war memorial. The people of Hornsea have paid for the hospital in both blood & money.

I have already written to our ward councillors and requested that this matter is referred by the East Riding to the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, and I will also be writing to the Chairman of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee to make this request.

Cllr Lee Walton,
Mayor of Hornsea

We would like to thank Councillor Lee Walton for sharing this message with us and our readers, and hope this brings some optimism to the residents of Hornsea, and in turn Withernsea, that their essential services won’t be shut down in the name of cutting costs.