In what has become a regular occurrence for residents of the housing estate in Hornsea, lunch and tea time brings droves of fish and chip hungry visitors to the popular Whiteheads Fish And Chips. Whilst usually the main problem with the influx of visitors to the narrow streets of the Burton area of Hornsea is occasional gridlock, which gets much worse in the Summer months, as visitors search for the elusive parking space, there are the occasional visitors that think the parking rules don’t apply to them.

Normally, for those that like to flaunt the rules, it’s down to inconsideration. The local bus passes by every half an hour or so down the very narrow roads of the estate, barely more than two car widths wide, but occasionally there’s some blatant disregard for others. As was the case today.

Photograph by Josh Munroll

At around 2pm a driver for the delivery wing of popular electronics superstore Currys & PC World, KnowHow, decided to pop by for some fish and chips. While this wouldn’t usually be an issue, it was the way they decided to, for lack of a better word, park. Usually people use the road to park but, as regularly happens with larger vehicles parking for the chippy, they took it upon themselves to park on the grass verge and path. The patch of, what was, grass verge after a very wet winter has turned more into a patch of mud. Vehicles driving over it churn up the mud into a slush, causing the path to get covered and be made dangerous to walk on.

Today’s events showed not only a disregard for the safety of pedestrians, anyone wanting to pass with a pram would need to cross a road that sees a high volume of traffic for a narrow street, but a clear disregard for parking laws as they have also made it difficult for anything but a small car to enter the side-road beside them.

It was lucky that in the time they went into the chip shop and left, usually around a 20 minute affair, no emergency service vehicles needed to get past, as there is no way for a vehicle of that size to pass the narrow roads with them parked to badly.

The main issue with parking in the area is completely down to laziness of drivers, unwilling to park more than ten metres from the popular shop’s entrance. There are many easier places to park just around the corner from the shop which wouldn’t cause issues to the local residents or any considerate drivers wishing to get their fix of fish and chips.

There have been several times where ambulances have got stuck trying to get through the estate due to bad parking, and the blazing horn of the local bus being stuck happens almost on the hour during the summer months; the bus provides an essential service for an area with a high percentage of elderly residents, without it they wouldn’t be able to access many of the town’s shops.

There have been suggestions of turning part of the public green opposite the shop into parking, but even with the owner of the fish and chip shop offering to help fund this, the council turned the idea down. This could be understood if the area was used by local children as it was not so many years ago, before the rise of smartphones and social networking, but the land has since found itself disused, and usually a soggy mess. If even the parking bays opposite the chip shop were expanded slightly so cars could park forwards into them, rather than length ways, this would accommodate at least another 10 cars along the street.

Other suggestions have been made such as permit parking or even having traffic wardens pop by every so often to ensure the safety of all, but have all been ignored by East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Perhaps they are unwilling to make a change until the inevitable injury caused by a lapse in concentration of a hungry driving looking for a parking spot, or child trying to cross the road from behind a parked car at the junction gets run over.

With the council unwilling to budge, knowing that when they consented to the planning application by Whiteheads to expand they would see even more traffic, it seems inevitable that this will yet again be a weekly occurrence for the locals until a forward-thinking council is elected.

We have contacted KnowHow about their employee’s disregard for the highway code and the safety of local residents, but have yet to receive any more than an automated message.

Do you have any images of terrible parking from outside the chip shop? Why not send them to us at [email protected] and we’ll share them with our readers and the council.